Lersi Blessing(祖师爷灌顶)
Jatukam Blessing(伽督慷祈福)
House Blessing (居家祈福)
Car Blessing (车子祈福)
Feeling depressed in your careers? Lack of job opportunity? Poor relationship with your superior? Family problem? Ancestor Geomancy? Suspect gotten black magic or invaded by evil spirit? Facing difficulties in your life and looking for a solution. Come over here for an advice. Specialist in wealth luck and charming ritual.

Operating Hours : Monday (11am – 6.30pm)
Wednesday – Sunday (11am – 6.30pm)
Closed Tuesday (Except for Public Holiday)
Closed on Wednesday (If Tuesday is a public Holiday)
80 Changi Road, #02-39, Centropod,
Singapore 419715 (Opp. Kampong Ubi C.C, Near Eunos MRT)
Bruce Lim
HP : 8100 9358

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I have been practised Thai. Buddhism for 26 years.  My master used to told me I’m born to be with Thai. Buddhist temple.  I have been into monkhood under the guidance of grand master Luang Phor Thiam under the intro. by my master Ajahn SomChai.  My name given by him BuToh which means wisdom.My Buddhism knowledge of course mainly taught by Ajahn SomChai.

I’m well know in Geomancy in my circle of friends.  Thai. Geomancy is slight different from Chinese Geomancy as we input recite sutra on the area that is bad for the owner. This no only provide give the best to the owner as we turn bad into good by recite the sutra.

My way of Geomancy is in fact different from others as our practise only shifting  some furniture make sure it will not block your wealth (财位). Of course avoid the bad element(煞位).  Most of the people fears that Geomancy master will pressure or persuade them to buy their holy item to place in the house.  Even told them it need to change every year.  However, my practise does different.  If there is a requirement to put item in the house, they can get it outside if they find to have a cheaper source.  Chanting an holy item (开光)is included my service of Geomancy.  It does not need to change every year as the position will still remained the same.  Unless you have shift your item due to renovation or change / move furniture.  Then you need to get me back to re-bless the items and area.

The guardian god I’m practising is Lersi Ta Fai (Ruesi Ta Fai). (婆洛火眼仙师)

As for my signature blessing is Jatukam Ramathep’s blessing.  Purpose of Jatukam Ramathep blessing is to enhance wealth fetching and exorcist bad luck / evil spirit.

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