Phaya Krut


Temple : Wat Arun.

Year 2560 (2017)

Material : Nawa.

Purpose to clear neg. energy and evil spirit. Not suitable for wearer who born in the year of Dragon or Snake, as it use to eat Dragon / Snake as food. Until buddha subdued Krut and promise not to eat snake and dragon but eat neg. energy and evil spirit as his food (Dharma Protector). However, it is highly recommend for those wearer who boss or superior are born in the year of Dragon or Snake. So that it can increase your affiliation (人缘)with your superior.

It will bring wearer good luck and good fortune. As believed there is always two deva follow krut. They are Luck (幸运)and Fortune (幸福). When you bringing Phaya Krut you are also bring this two deva back.

For those who are practising Theravada Buddhism will choose one of the Dharma protector as their guidance god.  Who will be invited to protect the area before chanting the sutra.  One good example is Somdej Puttajarn Toh.  He will invite Tao Wessuwan before chanting Jinapanjara.  He will recite this katha : E TIPISOPAKAWA YAMARCANO TAO VISWANO MARA NANG SUKANG ARAHASUKATO NAMOPUTAYA.


Who are the protector? They are : 天众Deva (Phra Phrom / Phra Narai / Phra Pikanet ),  龙众(Naga), 夜叉Yakṣa (Tao Wessuwan), 阿修罗Asura  (Phra Rahu/ Phra Pirab), 迦楼罗Garuḍa (Phaya Krut), 紧那罗Kiṁnara (Hongsa), Lersi and Phra Hanuman.

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