Meditation / Sammati

luang phor thiam

Meditation or Sammati is the basic and important foundation in our daily practise as a Buddhist.

How to meditation? First we must understand the correct position in meditation.  There are three main types of position in meditation.  They are sitting, walking and sleeping.

Sitting meditation as shown in the picture of Luang Phor Thiam. First the right leg is below the left leg instead of crossing the legs.  Crossing of legs is the wrong way of meditation as you are sitting in uncomfortable position. If you are uncomfortable how do you able to focus your mind? Second your hands rest on your legs and your right thumb touch the index finger.  In this way, your body will automatically in a sitting upright position.  Now focus on an object e.g flame of the candle, image of the buddha pendant, bowl of water or nothing. Breathe in and out in a normal way can chant Bu Toh (Buddha) inside your heart. The chanting has to combine with your breathing when breathe in chant Bu when breathe out chant Toh (chanting is inside your heart).  While you focus on the object you are looking at.  There will be times when you start you lost your focus on an object and focus on the pain your leg giving you as you have seat for sometime. What you need to do is ask yourself when the pain come from? The leg which part is the bone? Veins? Blood? Fresh? Do people die from sitting? what stop you from focusing? when you are seeking the answer and questions you will realise that the pain has gone away.  Then you focus on your chanting with the breathing.  In this way you will be able to prolong your meditation and seeking the way to enlightenment.

While not every chant suit to everyone. If your found that Bu Toh does not make you focus then you may try other buddhist chant e.g. Dha Mo (Dhrama), Sang Mo (Sangkang) or even Katha : Put Ta Sang Mi, Na Ma Pa Ta (4 Element), Na Mo Put Ta Ya (5 Buddha), So Ta Ya, U Ma A U, U Mi A Mi, Na Sang Si Mo etc.  Note different katha practise have different effect e.g  Buddha disciple Ananda he practised  meditation thru focus on flame of candle and Katha : Na Ma Pa Ta. It is stated that he able to see the spirit and float away to escape bad karma happen to him (Story only).  Well the practise meditation is to able calm yourself down.  However, if you are unable to calm yourself down then you have been practise the wrong way.  It is the best to seek for advice from master. Then force yourself. This will led to wrong path (走火入魔)。

For walking and sleeping position I would not encourage to practise as walking need to observe the correct step and sleep need to know how  to get the position correct.  I see people practise the wrong position in sleeping meditation and instead of practising meditation they are cursing themselves dead. People always thought seeing how the Buddha statue meditate is the correct way of practise meditation. Well you have to understand the theory behind the position instead of follow blindly. If not, you will end up the wrong path (走火入魔).

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