Geomancy (Feng Shui)

A lot of people maybe thinking what is a good Geomancy (Feng Shui) for people to stay or business.  Geomancy is indeed a very deep knowledge.

First we have to categories three section home, office and ancestor. Second we have to identify the owner life and business. Lastly, what the owner wants in life.  Often people come to me and tell me they want health and wealth which is very common. Which I find quite lame. They never wants to tell you specifically their problem or wishes e.g. promotion, enter into business or some side luck.  Some even told you having ask for promotion give them headache they prefer simple life which never speak from their bottom of their heart. They are dying for that promotion. Well if your wishes is that simple I believe that you don’t have to even get into Geomancy to get health and wealth.

Geomancy (Feng Shui) is helping you to get something in your life which is difficult to achieve or even prevent a downfall.  Of course I do not want to mislead you that Geomancy is the way of life and can help you in also everything.  Everything in life still need to went thru certain hardship.  Nothing is free in this world. By reading this some may have ask since is hardship and life why do I required Geomancy? Well, it to speed up the process in getting what you wants.  E.g. your are cycling from point A to B it takes three years to reach your destination.  With the help of Geomancy you maybe driving from point A to B which takes one and half years in achieving what you will get. A lot of people have that questions in mind have I achieve that in my life? Well I put it in this can a good surgery operate his own body? No. He has to find a surgery as good as him or even better to have the operation on him. Can he find one? No. Even a with the same school or same batches with him may not be as outstanding like him.  A very good example.  Bruce Lee’s teacher has so many disciple who is the most outstanding one among them? It all destinated.

If I’m a business entrepreneur does it mean that if I do home geomancy I don’t need to do office geomancy? Well if you are doing online sales most of the time at home and office is your store then you may not required office geomancy.  However, you have an office then it the best to have that done. This is to build up your negotiation energy in your office. To have the support from the surrounding energy. Then how about ancestor geomancy? Ancestor geomancy in fact is the most important but least people does in this era. Because it is very complex and required a lot of works.  There is an old saying if your ancestor live happy your life will be happy.  That why ancestor geomancy required a lot of works. Which I don’t encourage to do especially in this constant changing era. Well if you really wish to get what you wanted then getting an ancestor table will assist you in your life. Is ancestor table required to be set up in home? Not really what if you are a no or different religious. Then setting up an ancestor table at home will not help you. You can have it set up in the temple ( For ancestor who are Buddhist or Taoist).  For other religious set up an ancestor table is a big no.

What are the tip of setting up your own Geomancy at home. The best way to determine where to place your furniture is depend on your intuition. For example by placing a studying table in the room and you start to find it weird and start moving the table to a more comfortable looking place in fact is using your intuition to DIY your own Geomancy. Then do I need to seek advice? Best is to have a master check for you as your intuition may be misguided you. However, by finding weird in your furniture placing and start moving is a good start in finding yourself a good geomancy position. Will this cause great harm to me and family if I do it myself? This type of Geomancy will not cause great disharmony to you and family members. If you are uncomfortable or disturbing just move it back to it original place.

DIY your own Geomancy home by moving your own furniture is harmless.  However, if your house have praying table then it the best not to have it moved around or anyhow place.  This you have to get advise from master. Moving praying table is consider disturb to spirit offered. Hence once place there, it should not be disturb. I do have customer shift their praying table every year as advise by their ex-geomancy master because star change every year and they seen paranormal activity in the house. My advise once place the praying table don’t touch it unless it in the wrong location or your offer to prayer is not correct. Don’t get confuse with star change position. Star every month but your house position and size does not changed. Geomancy base on position not on star. Fuxi (伏羲)created geomancy position is to fixed the position at certain angle so that you are able to find the correct direction if keeps moving around like star how to determine the position?


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