Paranormal Activity / Exorcism


How do we identify if our home or work place invaded by paranormal activity? In T.V show people used EVP (electronic voice phenomena) on their ghost hunting. They would ask questions and record down if there any other voices recorded down.  For me the best way, is to used Lou Pan (罗盘). To detect if the place has been invade Lou Pan (罗盘)will be able to tell you. The needle in the centre will keep moving instead of sticking to a place. This is how Geomancer know if the place has been invaded. There are practitioner would born with open eyes to see spirits. Some are half way thru certain practise to open their eyes. Is there a spell to open eyes to see spirit? Can’t tell as I never meet in this in my life.  For what I know there is a way to use Geomancy to open eyes.  That is using the Yin and Yang energy. What is Yin energy? Spirit or ghost energy. Yang energy? Buddha or God energy. In some of the home of the practitioner they will place the evil spirit or Jiang Tou (降头)at one side of the room and Buddha or God statue at the other side of the room. In between the lines is the place where he recite prayers and meditate. The stronger the Yin get the stronger the Yang get. In the crashes of energy will open his third eye. Not everyone can do that. Some even took their whole lifetime cannot even open the third eye. Some thru years of practise then able to achieve to open the third eye.  There is no short cut to it.

What do we do when we detected paranormal activity? There is a few ways to DIY your own exorcism. Before you moved into the house even before your furniture to come in the house used a kind of incense smoke (甘曼煙)to smoke the house.  Then move in your God / Buddha if you have. Three days later then move in.  Other you can use lime and pomegranate leaf soak in water and sprinkler around the house. This is for normal issued. This is to release the spirit in the house and inform them there is a new owner moving in. You have give them three days to move out before moving. Once a person moved in God of the Door(门神)will lock up or so called protect the place even thou you don’t have any religious. This will lock the spirit in the house if you have done the cleansing. That why in some exorcism you will see it did not work as the spirit has been  lock inside even it want to move out they also can’t,  they are lock by the God of Door. In this case what you need to do is to find a good master and does the job for you or you can choose to move out also.

Can the spirit still enter the house? Yes. No doubt you are protect by the God of Door. Spirit can still choose to go into the house. If this case happen normal DIY exorcism will not help in cases.  As they know the rules better then you.  A lot of people thought that by placing a Buddha statue will help to exorcist the spirit.  It will not. Buddha will only exorcist evil however, if the spirit show respect to Buddha. Buddha will not exorcist them instead keep them to practise good till they able to get reborn in another realm. So if you think temple is cleaned then you may have to think twice. I have friend goes to temple toilet after praying see paranormal activity in the toilet.

However, placing of guidance gods e.g Hanuman / Tao Wessuan is different. They are not so merciful hence they will be able to exorcist the spirit. Is there spirit strong enough that no one can exorcist.  Yes. there is. Believe that there is always a mountain higher then another mountain. Is there no way we can escape or avoid? Well, in Buddhism we practise to stay in harmony with spirit. That is the Karaniya Metta Sutta (Loving-kindness). This will protect like a womb in mother body. When the spirit try to harm you, your body will grow like bright light and keep them away from you.

What happen if your disturb by the spirit in your neighbour house. For me I will choose to buy some incense paper and burn to them. Asking for peace. Chinese mentally anything can settle by money not an issued.

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