Luang Phor Thuat


Luang Phor Thuat – Wat Huay Mongkol (Temple)

Luang Phor Thuat one of the famous monks in Thailand.  He is famous that you can google and able to find his biography on the web. So what I like to cover is something that has not written on the web.

Luang Phor Thuat is not an Arahant but a Bodhisattva.  Actually most of the famous Thailand master attained Bodhisattva when they reached nirvana. This is a misconcept created by people that those who practise Theravada will only be able to reach Arahantship. The different between Arahant and Bodhisattva is determine on how big is their heart on helping people and also their vow.  Not by the way they practised.

How great is Luang Phor Thuat? For Luang Phor Thuat you can pray thru it picture printed. As long as there is the image by chanting his katha 108 times you will be able to invite him. If you are processed by witchcraft, evil spirit etc as long as you have faith in him and chanted 108 times daily you will be able to see the light (cured).  However, it may take sometime to be effective. It will depend at one’s will.

Since Luang Phor Thuat do not need proper statue or amulet from temple does it mean that we can get it from outside or DIY ourselves? Well, you must understand why is the best we get the amulet or statue from Temple. It just like you DIY your own car and you buy from a brander car. Not only there is a different in driving there is a different in speed. There is also a different between item conceived by professional and oneself.  What I learn from Thai is that always give yourself the best if you want. Don’t need to get so low as this is your life. Don’t have to do that unless really desperate.

Does Luang Phor Thuat provide wealth? It does however, not on gamble.  Buddhism does not encourage gamble. If it is your luck it will not stop you. If not on your luck then it will not help you. It will help you thru business or job stability as the end of the his Katha ends with Na Cha Ri Ti. Which is for anywhere you goes there is food. This Katha stand for Sivali where he goes any where there is alms for everyone. During Buddha times when he went on Tudong with his SangKang if he happen to be on a difficult journey (less populated area) if Sivali and Sangkrachai is in the Sangkang he will choose the more difficult path. As with them around alms are always enough for the Sangkang.

Katha : Na Mo Bodhisvatoh A Kang Ti Ma Ya It Ti Pa Ka Wan Na Cha Ri Ti.

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