Geomancy / (Fengshui) III

Geomancy is classified into Yang (阳) and Yin (阴).  What is yang and and ying? Yang which I mention early in my post is household and office Geomancy.  Yin is the ancestor buried ground.

Today, I talk about Yin Geomancy. A lot of people have questions in their mind does Yin Geomancy works? How does this works? How long it will works? For me as what I have been taught the faster and effective ways is thru Yin Geomancy. Your ancestor is the kin closer to you. If your ancestor won’t help you, who’s will? There is a saying if your ancestor stay in a good and undisturbed place, he / she will protect you and your whole family. The accumulated merit by your ancestor will be given to their descendants.  The descendants will continue to make merit for their ancestor in their lifetime. It is a cycle. Usually no matter how well the Yin Geomancy works. It’s usually continue for three generation. In fact this is what we called fortune will not be more then three generation (富不过三代)。Is there a way to continue the fortune? Yes. Doing more good deeds for your ancestor.

How do we know if we have choose a place for our ancestor? Well this one you have to get a Geomancy master to do it for you. Like learning and being a expert on it need talents. It does not mean that with a few books or few advice from master you can master the art.  In ancient people believe that if you want to secure position in government sector or moving to a higher position is to use Yin Geomancy (升官发财) Well this is quite true. It required a lot of process and to maintain. Not that after you have shift your ancestor place to a good position story ends there. You have to invite high monks (there is a number to it) every year to chant prayer for your ancestor to accumulated merit for them. Offered the monk’s food and clothing (represent that your ancestor will have clothes and food to eat).

Does that mean Yin Geomancy is for the rich only. Nope. You can start to find a good place for your ancestor first. As things improved you make merit for them. what if I stop? Think if you have a received good fortune you won’t want to stop. Don’t you?

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