CNY Praying To Rahu

Rahu II

Year 2018 Chinese New Year is coming. I wish all my readers Happy Chinese New Year. (兴旺发)!

People believe that every year the star changes its position, hence it affect the lives on earth. In ancient people believed that changes in universe will affect the weather on earth. That how our Lunar calendar comes about. It uses a calculation of record on changes on star and the weather recorded on earth. It called Aura Qi Jie (气节)。Based on Qi Jie calculation they able forecast your future. It form two type of calculation Ten years calculation (大限)and one year calculation (小限)。Purposes of ten years calculation is based on your ten years lifespan and conclude what type of jobs stable for you, when you will be in luck so you can plan your life (起命法)。Disadvantage of this calculation if ones wrongly calculated your ten years or misinterpreted then you have to wait for another ten years to get what you want. One year calculation (小限)is more better because it just calculated luck for that year. People have the misconception that if the start of unlucky star falls on you starting of the new year the whole year you are in your bad luck.  Well, not true star changes every month, however consider your starting of the new year not so good omen.

Having Chinese horoscope offended or crash Tai Sui (太岁)every year only four Chinese horoscope will offend Tai Sui. This is base on the calculation of 60 years of different Tai Sui (太岁). That form by 10 Tian Gan (天甘)and 12 Di Zhi (地支)。So your questions how the four Chinese horoscope come into this picture? In layman term the calculation uses of 10 Tian Gan instead of 12. So the calculation start like this  ( ((12×12) – (10×12))/2 = 12 /3 = 4. Confusing? Divide into two is base on the Qi Jie(气节) on earth to form 60 years of the weather cycle and dived by 3 is the taking in the calculation of the lunar month(轮月)to form the full turn of the earth.

It is believe that everyone born to this earth carry the Aura (气节)of the earth from the first moment you took the first breath. This Aura will determine the  kind of character and mindset your have. If your that year Aura (气节)is blocked then whatever you does or planning will be blocked. You will usually find yourself in a useless position.

So anyway to prevent or released from the unlucky star? Yes. In Thai, it is believed that Rahu is the God control all the star. By offering prayer and 8 type of black colour offer item (edible) can  remove all unlucky star. It can even eat the negative energy you have. Apart from that Rahu is also one of the God that not only protect but also can prevent black magic. It is believed that Rahu can also prevent backstabber (小人)。Rahu is also sometime used in Geomancy / (Fengshui) as it eat up the negative energy in the house.

Do I have to return to pray to Rahu at year end? Nope. You just need to pray to Rahu starting of the year to cleanse away your bad luck. Some make prayer to Rahu to avoid or remove backstabber. Some of course prevent of avoid legal suit.

Any best time to pray Rahu? There isn’t any best time but don’t wait till you are the worst in your life then start to think to pray. Miracle do happen but not a must after praying.

What to avoid in praying to Rahu? Avoid wearing red colour. Rahu does not like red hence if your praying to Rahu please avoid wearing red colour.

My shop : BuToh (add: 80 Changi Road, #02-39 Centropod @ Changi , Singapore 419715) do offered the services of praying to Rahu. If anyone interested can give me a call at my mobile phone : 81009358 for more enquiries.

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