Praying Respect to Master / Wai Kru (拜师)

Many people has always questions what is Wai Kru(拜师)? Is there a need for it? Will it affect my life and the way they want to live?

Wai Kru(拜师)in layman term is praying respect to teacher. In Buddhism we emphasized on respect three most important people in our life. 1st : Parent (The one bring you life and take care of you), 2nd : Buddha (The one who teaches the way out of the sufferings) and Lastly, teachers (The one who teaches  you what is right and wrong). In Thai Wai Kru’s day celebration is like your teacher’s day celebration where you paid your respect and gratitude to teachers.

Wai Kru is important because it project the lineage where you learn the teaching for. It important to as serve as reminder to does good deeds to gain good merits. A good master does not mean that he/ she has a  very powerful secret spell. All spell and sutra are pass now by Buddha there is no hidden agenda that a master will keep. It is how big your vows carry determine how strong the spell and sutra you recite. (发志世,一切苦)This is what Chinese usually said(超度). However, if you are thinking of using what ever you have learn to help people. Before you do that, it the best you go thru Wai Kru. A formality of lineage that you has learn thru a proper master. Everyone needs a teacher to guide them when they feel lost in their life. It is good to start from young to go into Wai Kru as to enlighten their minds in the early stage.

After going thru Wai Kru there is nothing to be specially to be taken care of. You led your life as usually. You can even go to attend other people’s religious functions. There is no restriction to it. Why? it just like graduated from this school and your are allow to attend or goes to other school. Don’t you? Grand Master will not punish you as there is no such guideline in Buddhism. In Buddhism we believe of trying and choosing your own path – free will (随缘)。

Different master may have different Wai Kru’s head picture as above. Most of the master used Lersi (picture above left) and Pikanet (picture above right). Lersi are big grand master (大师)of all spell and Pikanet are small grand master (小师)of all spell. It is very common in Thai that people pray to Lersi and Pikanet together.

Praying to Lersi is for seeking advice, wisdom, protection and outcast evil spirit. (Suitable for children, practitioner, public servant). Whereas for Pikanet is for gaining good fortune, remove of obstacle and outcast evil spirit. (Suitable for job seekers, businessman, sales).

Praying respect to master is the best to have it on Thursday. As it believed that Buddha get enlightenment on that day.

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