Phra Phrom / Four Face Buddha

Phra Phrom

Phra Phrom / Four Face Buddha(梵天)is very common to people because of the Erawan Shine in Bangkok.

There is a lot of myths and legend about Four Face Buddha and how it being cursed out of the temple (I’m not going to cover this as this is not under Buddha’s teaching). All this that you heard or read is not under Buddhism.

People seldom know the Buddhism meaning in praying to Phra Phrom / Four Face Buddha and today I would like to take this opportunity to explain to you.

In Buddhism, we believes of practise of the four merits. Metta (Loving – Kindness) 慈 , Karuna (Compassion) 悲 , Mudita (Joy) 善 and Upekkha (Give) 舍。is the realm towards Brahma (天神)and Phra Phrom carry the highest and importance form of this four merits. What are loving-kindness, compassion, joy and give? One good example is parent. when a child is born the parent will take care of the child this is loving kindness 慈, when the child is injured the parent will feel hurt and bring the child medicine this is compassion  悲 , when they give what the child needs this is called joy 善 and when the child grow up whether he / she goes the wrong ways, eventually the parent forgive the child this called Give 舍. If ones carry this four merits in treating the people around him then this person is considered a Brahma.

Majority of people knows what is Loving-kindness and Compassion so I will not write more about them. What is Mudita (Joy) and Upekkha (Give)? Joy is feeling blessed in giving. If you happen to cross a path and you let people from the other side crossing this is Mudita (Joy) and Upekkha (Give). Most of the people react angry and hate when people speak bad things about them (different from advice). However, if you ignore those bad things speak about you and continue your way of living this act is called Upekkha (Give). In life you have to give before you are able to get. 舍得。要舍才会得。

People always has the concept that Four Face Buddha is evil and if do not beware on what you ask for you and in return for what your promise misfortune will happen to you. I even hear an old uncle told me that for women who ask for good fortune should dance naked in front of Four Face Buddha. Whatever people thinking or spreading I cannot stop. However, as a Buddhist disciple let me tell you how to get good fortune in praying to Four Face Buddha. First, yes not matter what you have to delivery what you have promised in front of the Deva. But you can choose a better way then dance naked in front of the gods. You can choose donate certain amount of fees to help those in needs in the name of the gods you are praying. In this way it carry a better name of the gods and this also accumulated a good deeds. Some people come and ask me if they get what they want and did not return what they promise will anything happen to them? You must understand that taking vow or promise in front of the Four Face Buddha make the surrounding Deva respect you thus if you are destinated then you will have it. it just sooner or later. However, by not returned back on what you have promised. Even the Deva has not done anything to harm you will still think that it is the cause of not returning your promise causes it.

Is there anything to look into it if I’m going to elect a Four Face Buddha at home / office? In Buddhism, there is nothing you need to special prepare or lookout. However, in Geomancy it need more then that. Ones must be able to identify what is Buddhism(佛法)and Geomancy (玄术)。For electing a place for Four Face Buddha is can use Geomancy to assist your life better. Choosing a good position will enhance the greatest effect in praying to Four Face Buddha. Just like Erawan Shine.

In electing a place for Four Face Buddha required a big space. That why it always place outside the house. It the will be even better to have an eye view of the surrounding. For Praying Four Face Buddha it the best to able to walk around it clockwise. This believe that by walking clockwise around Four Face Buddha thinking of the four merit of him can change your luck better.

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