Exorcism / Chanting

People have in mind how do Buddhist exorcist? what type of Sutra they recite and what method they used?

We must understand that Buddhism have divided into three different language. First is the Pali (this is the original language of Buddha), second is the Sanskrit where it is normally practise by the Tibet and third is the Mahayana where this is common practised in China.  However, regardless which language the sutra using all is translated from Pali language as this originated from Shakyamuni Buddha.

Do Buddhist exorcist? Yes. All Buddhist scripture can do exorcist. However, knowing which book to use will have a better result and numbers of time recite the chant. My advise is that those who interested to do exorcist is the best to go under a teacher. Without a proper lineage and do exorcist may cost your life.

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