Pidta Mahalap / Pidta Ma A U / Pakawan / Pangpakan

Many people cannot tell the different between Pidta Mahalap, Pidta Ma A U, Pakawan and Pangpakan.

What is Pidta Mahalap? Mahalap means good fortune and luck. Pidta Mahalap is Sangkachai (one of Buddha’s disciple) in his meditation. It is believe that Sangkachai’s meditation or blessing using both of his hands cover his face. Those who are blessed by Sangkachai are often carry good fortune and extreme good luck. Sangkachai previous life is a wealthy man and does a lot of good deeds. That why where ever he is there the people are blessed with good fortune. His good fortune can even spread to the whole town. That why in Thai Buddhism we often carry the image of Sangkachai in the form of both of his hand cover his face.

Pidta Ma A U – it is in the form of two hands or more then two cover the face and body. Master who create the amulet will usually have the word U written on the body. Because of the written words we can identify if the two hands Pidta is Mahalap or Ma A U. Pidta Ma A U in squat position. This represent Buddha in his mother’s womb. Pidta Ma A U is more for protection and prevent penetration from spirit. Some Pidta Ma A U has more then 2 hands this cover the holes in our body. It is believed that spirit  penetrate in our body thru these holes. As long as Pidta is more then four hands it is consider as Pakawan.

Pakawan – Pidta Ma A U more then four hands up to eight cover all the holes in our body. Story of Pakawan : Pakawan previous life is Devadatta. He speak bad about Buddha and even set up plan to kill Buddha. While he is on his way to confront Buddha, the earth shaken and he is sucked to hell. Buddha out of compassion used a spider web to get him out. Being inside and see the suffering of hell he try to set the spirit free by asking them to join him in climbing the web. Due to the weight the spider web slap. He vowed to become Buddha to save all the suffering in hell. A stick struck from his skull and he went into reincarnation. After 1000 years later after Buddha passed away. He finally attained Bodhisattva. While he was rejoining that he has not done any misdeeds. A Deva appeared in front of him and ask him to think if he has not done any misdeeds before. He started to think and recall what he has done to Buddha. He cried in a shame with his hands cover the face – Pakawan. most of the master before exorcism will chant the mantra of Pakawan to lock the holes in the body. So that spirit cannot penetrate in the body. This is also the reason why evil spirit likes to frighten it victims. This is to help them easily penetrate the body. Once the victims is shocked all the holes in the body is opened. Having wear Pakawan helps to prevent the body being invade by spirit. Esp. those loves to go ghost hunting.

Pangpakan is pidta with two hands but has a pumpkin shape on his head. Pangpakan is a General under Jatukam Ramathep. Pangpakan process a very special magical power that is invisible in front of enemy. That is why it is believed that those who process Pangpakan can be invisible in front of enemy in the need of time. The spell can help to cover the eyes of the enemy. Hence, this is good for people who workplace has a lot of politics. Sometime we have to agreed that words can do more damage than knifes and spirit. In olden days people look for Pakawan to wear because a lot of robbery and shooting on the public. Now more and more people should wear Pangpakan as more and more backstabbing in the office. This going to get worse when the economics are down and more people are hungry for jobs.

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