Kumantong / Golden Child

A lot of people have in mind what is Kumantong? Is it ghost child? What is the purpose making offering to Kumantong?

Kumantong is not ghost child. Ghost child is foetus taken from the mother’s womb. It is usually baby die during birth or taken out before birth. The process of making ghost child is complex. When the child has die the master must make the ghost child within 48 hours. The master will have to look for a sacred place to lock the spirit in the foetus. In Buddhism we believe spirit reincarnate after 48 hours after death. Hence the prayer must complete after 48 hours. The master have to use fire to bake the Ghost child. Oil flow out from the body of the foetus will be collected and kept in the bottle. While baking the foetus the master will incite chant to keep the spirit in foetus and also making it “alive”. Once the process is completed the master will keep the foetus in a jar. This type of Ghost child is very powerful. Their energy is so strong that it can move object. Purpose of having a ghost child is to make use of it to steal money from people. The oil collected can used to cast spell on others.

Kumantong are child like statue. The master will then chant prayer to invite kumantong into the statue. The spell also prevent other spirit from entering the statue. It the same process on how sakyant works on the body or on other materials.

Kumantong are different from ghost child they are consider as Earth God There are three different category of gods. First is the heaven god(天神), semi god (神将)and earth god(地仙). Earth God are consider as “fairy” if you used child’s tale to explain. Purpose of making offering to kumantong is ask for sales and assist in business.

Kumantong can use for practise as a guidance god. In Thai, they have white robe and black robe. White robe are the one practise guidance god as Ruesi, Phra Narai, Phra Phrom etc. Whereas the black robe practise kumantong, Phra Ngan. That is how we identify the way of different master practise.

Kumantong can come in different shape and posture. It all depend on how the master wants the Kumantong to be. Some could look fearfully. But what really fearful is the heart of a person.

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