Lucky Money / Wealth Money(子母钱)

What is Lucky Money(子母钱)? It believe that you shall not left your wallet empty. Leaving your wallet empty will cause you bad luck (漏财)。You may not be able to accumulated your wealth. Hence it is always advise by the elder never leave your wallet empty.

There are two type of lucky money. People believe that if you struck lottery or manage to earn a big profit. In order to continue the good luck people will keep one of the dollar notes in their wallet and will not spend it off. Other lucky money is to have the money on the picture above to keep inside your wallet.

Having a blessed dollar note not only accumulated your wealth but also help you to prevent evil spirit. In our believed that paper is the best material for making amulet. It can bring away your bad luck and also protect you. You will see that some master who still use the traditional ways of drawing Yants on paper and burn it away.

However, once the notes is tear it is the best to get it change. Having a tear notes leaving inside your wallet not only bad luck it also symbol that you are losing your wealth. Hence it is the best to get it change.

Apart from wallet. Some of the shop owners would also keep some blessed money in their cash register machine. In Geomancy it is believe that cash register machine sit on the Cai position(财位). Having blessed money place inside the machine can enhance your sales in the shop.

Is there a wealth enhancement Katha on dollar notes. I should put it in this way there is or there isn’t. In Buddhism, we believe on good luck and health. We believe that as long as people don’t block your way your luck will be better. However, there is Katha to improve on that. Every master has their own ways of different usage of their Katha. So every dollar notes may look the same to you but the Katha which individual master use is different.



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