Prophecy of Buddhism

Does Buddha talks about the future of Buddhist? Yes. Before I started what I have heard from my master. I would like to start on the founding of written Sutra. When Buddha is around he emphasize on teaching or direct guidance from the teacher instead on written wordings. It is because wordings can mislead people and it cannot direct on each individual people. However, after Buddha pass away the Sangha start to slack. Seeing the Sangha group start to fall apart. Few of the leaders in Sangha group start to gather and decide to write the Sutra down. Reason is if the Sangha fall apart and devoted followers of Buddha can base on the scripture and find the way to enlightenment. This is stated in the scripture and it read like this in Chinese(若有善男善女见此经文,而得授持,广为他人传说,公德无量)。Translate to English : (Those who see this scripture, believe and practise diligently and get enlightenment, help to spread the teaching will gain great merits). The one contribute the most scripture is Ananda. He is the one who follow and assist in Buddha daily needs. Different volume is written by different Buddha’s disciple different ways of practising. Another one who I like people to know is Angulimala, most of the Thai master practise the scripture leave by him. The most famous master is Somdej Phra Buddhacarya Toh (Wat Rakang Somdej). The Katha : Jinabunchorn is original from Angulimala’s scripture however Somdej Ajahn Toh shortened it into 16 sentence. This katha is later use to conceive into Wat Rakang’s Somdej amulet. The other person using his katha left by him is Khun Paen. From the movie people knows that Khun Paen has Kongkapan ( no weapon can hurt or injure him). However, what Khun Paen has learned is the magic of healing power. If he is injured by weapon he just need to cover the wounds by his hands chant the Katha and it will be healed. This of course is the legend left behind and explain why his troops number never significant decrease during the war. This healing power is left by Angulimala. Why Angulimala has this special power. It is because after he committed the murder of nine hundred and ninty-nine lives, he realised the mistake he make and went under the refuge of Buddha. Where ever he goes people wants his life for revenge. One day thru meditation he told Buddha that he is tired of running away and Buddha teach him this self healing katha. After learning the katha, he decided to give himself up and let the group of people chop him into pieces. After the group left he chant the katha and form himself back. A reborn Angulimala. However, due to the time the katha is not as effective as previous. As the scripture written on the leaves start to fade off especially the last few words and the chant is recapped by the master thru their memory hence it is consider lost. Scripture written by Angulimala also include the making of weapons e.g. swords and training of animal e.g. horse. (Sound familiar).

Now we come back to the topic of Prophecy of Buddhism. What I being told is that after 2500 years the Sangha will fall apart. Yellow robe master (Sangha) will not behave like a master. Just look at what happened to the Buddhism around the world. There will also be people self proclaim to be reincarnation of future Buddha, Bodhisattva and perform magic. Work done by Mara. The devil who challenged Buddha. This make people distrust Buddhism and doubt the teaching of Buddha. During this dark period, the white robe will start to rise. It will carry on for 250 years before the next Buddha come to earth.

How is this related to Angulimala? Before Angulimala meet Buddha, he secular himself in a cave where he met a Deva (Disguised by Mara). There he learn the art of taming animals and making swords. He started to believe that if he killed 1000 people he will get enlightenment and become the most powerful Deva above the three realm ( Heaven, Human and Devil).  However, he managed to find out the disguise of Mara he even knows that Mara is the one of the reincarnation of a mountain goats who was one of the sacrificed there. During that period of time it is believe that if you make wishes on that mountain and sacrificed 1000 goats your wish will come true. The more goats suffers there the more powerful is Mara.  After Angulimala defend Mara. This make him more confidence that the more people he kill the more powerful he will become. False defend by Mara. This killing spin stop until Angulimala meet Buddha.

Everything in this world works on Karma. What goes around, comes around. In Buddhism we stop animal sacrificed. This will not prevent evil instead the more you did the more it become evil. Esp. those who used to believe practise on animal sacrificed on the area would give the spirit there peace. It will be peace as the spirit wants to have the offering every year. Once it get so strong that nothing can stop them they will not give anymore peace.

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