Takrut vs Amulet

It is always a questions of is it having a Takrut is better or an Amulet. We must understand that amulet is using various of sacred materials to make. While making master will recite the Sutra. It believed that the amulet will have more power. Takrut is a piece of tin metal and master will write sakyant on it of course while writing the sakyant the master will recite Katha on it. Most people thinks that an amulet are more powerful as this does not depend on one person it consist of various sacred where it bring the wearer extreme good luck. As for Takrut it depend on only one master and the wordings is limited. One thing people miss out is that a powerful Takrut will not have a lot of wordings. Some master in order to made powerful Takrut will drown themselves in river. While they inside the river they will start to write the Sakyant on the metal sheet. However, the due limited time in water the wording is limited. This type of Takrut is the most powerful as the master have full concentration when he submerge in water while drawing the sakyant.

People always argued that amulet has strong effect whereas Takrut don’t have. Well in my life of practice Buddhism. One of my past master telling me when he nearly down on his luck during his youth, it is his Takrut from his master have pulled him out of the difficult times.

However, Buddha teaches us not to dwell on Takrut or Amulet. As this does not provide the way to enlightenment. Everything will have an end and nothing on this world will last forever. So the most powerful amulet or Takrut is your faith and believed on Buddha and Dharma. This will be the highest blessing.


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