Fortune Telling

I received enquiry on fortune telling. I would like to said for fortune telling is mainly using eight characters to calculated the fortune of a person. It is divided into two types one is Xiao Xian(小限) and Da Xian(大限). For Xiao Xian is one year prediction and Da Xian is ten years prediction. What are the purpose? For Xiao Xian it check whether your luck is good for that year, e.g. if your luck is good then chances of getting a better job is there. For Da Xian is ten years forecast. This is for future planning e.g. when is the best time to start a business and natural of the business. However, this prediction is no fully accurate. it does not calculate the Karma you have made in this life. Hence it does have the changes. Of course the guidance from the master is also one of the factor.

In order to cover that fortune telling involved Can Bu(占卜)。For Can Bu only last for two weeks as karma appeared very fast. So what does Can Bu tells? For me I divide Can Bu into two areas. First is Business and Home, second is life circle. For business and home questions, I like to use Golden Tortoise Ancient Coins(金龟卦)to do the telling. Golden Tortoise Ancient Coins telling is asking the advice for the universe to look for an answer. Using the energy from the universe to source the Qi inside you to check the status of your luck. this can trace the energy of your business to find a solution for you. As for checking Life Circle, I will used poker cards to do the telling. This will be able to check if you are under black magic or having backstabber. This because paper is the closer material to human. Using a chanted Poker Cards will able to determine if the person is under a spell or evil spirit. As it will reflected on the cards. Of course the interpretation on the cards depend on how skillful the Master is.

If both cannot be trace then the last resort for the master is to go under deep meditation to find the source of problem for you. This is called heaven eye(开天眼). This of course most of the master does not want to use this, as it goes against the nature of the life. It will have the bad influence on the Master if things does not work out on the devotees. In my life I only heard my master mention only a few Thai master been doing this out of exceptional case. One of the past master is Luang Phor Chaem Wat Donyailom. He did tell one of his disciple on how to escape his mishaps.

However, story are story doing good deeds will definitely make this world a better place esp. those voiceless animal. Don’t you think so?

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