Erect of Shine Pillar (Geomancy)

Shine Staff

One of my customer has asked me if there is Geomancy to be done on a country?  Yes, there is. This is one of the reason in Thai Buddhism we will erect a shine pillar.

Purpose of erecting a shine pillar is not only to rest the spirit around the surrounding, it also help to prevent natural disaster and political instability. There is also certain measurement to the shine pillar. The base to hold the shine pillar has to be design with the universe. Apart for the design, the pillar material of the woods has to be carefully selected (note : it has to be one big piece wood no joints on glue to be use). It is believed that woods like Raja Kayu(帝王木)have already power to resist evil spirit and keeping the area safe. Most of the heads of the shine pillar are also specially design this required a skillful craftsman to do the job. It is common to craft the shine heads into four face Buddha (Phra Phom). The date and time on erecting the shine pillar have to be carefully selected as it generated energy from the surrounding. Conceal chant onto the pillar needs a skillful master to do it in order for the pillar to works the best.

If it can helps a country can it help on the devotee? Yes, it can. When erecting a shine pillar if the master uses the eight character of the owner to match the timing of erecting the pillar then it not only help the owner but also the devotee who went offer prayer to it.

Erecting of Shine Pillar usually advice when there is a lot evil spirit reckoning the area. E.g. Political instability, frequent accident and natural disaster. Shine Pillar represents authority to suppress and outcast the evil spirit around the surrounding. It helps to avoid political repression for the owner.

Is there any harm done in erecting a shine pillar? Nope. Unless you consider that tree use to build shine pillar.

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