Wealth Fetching Amulet

Which amulet is wealth fetching? How do I wear them? People use to tell me if you wan the most wealth fetching is to wear BenjaPakee which are : Phra Somdej, Phra Nangphaya, Phra Rod, Phra Hong Su Pan and Phra Som. However, I don’t agreed with this. Yes, Benjapakee is consider the top five amulet in Thai Buddhism. But not as wealth fetching as I known. To me if you want to wear the five wealth fetching amulet is : SangKaChai, Sivali, Phra Phom, Phra Pikanet and Wat Phra Keow. As we know SangKaChai and Sivali are famous for wealth enhancement. SangKaChai is Sivali master both practise Metta Mahalap. Whenever they goes they are able to find food and prosperous the area they stay. For Phra Phom is famous of granting wishes. Phra Phom practise the four merit of the Deva (highest form) which is Metta, Karuna, Mudika and Upekha. One who carry it will get the help from all Deva. Phra Pikanet is one of our Buddhist wealth god. It remove and destroy all obstacle of the wearer. Lastly Wat Phra Keow: Prince Siddhartha (Before he renounce and become a Buddha) meditate under a tree. Wat Phra Keow represent wealth, riches and authority. Whoever wear it will have very good fortune.

If your are praying on your Alter, I will suggest a different way. As we know, Phra Phom is not suitable to pray at home. It will not work the best out of it. Praying praying at home you need to have a Buddha on the top center of the Alter. You can choose any one Buddha / Luang Phor that you like so that you can have Seven (have to be in odd number) statue on your Alter. The five Deva are : Tao Wessuan, Phra Pikanet, Phra Rahu, Naga and Phra Krut (Not suitable for those who born in the year of dragon and snake). For those who cannot pray to Phra Krut you can use Hanuman (esp. created by L.P Phoon Wat Pailom). This five Deva represent the five direction. Hence those who offer prayer to them will get very good fortune wherever they goes.

What if I offer prayer to Kumatong, which should I choose. There are five types of Kumantong if you can find them gather them and if you pray to them they are able to enhance your wealth. They are created by Luang Phor Teh / Luang Phor Yeam (Wat Sahm Ngahm), Luang Phor Phoon (Wat Pailom), Luang Phor Pern (Wat Bang Phra), Luang Phor Hong (Wat Petchaburi) and Luang Phor Somchai (Wat Dan Gwee An). Having pray to these five Kumantong not only enhance wealth sometime they will also give you side luck.

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