Hanuman Katha

Recently I received enquiry on what is Hanuman? What is the purpose of offering prayers to Hanuman? Hanuman is the monkey god from Hinduism.

Hanuman is invincible to weapons. Hence most people tattoo Hanuman’s Sakyant for Kongkrapan (invincible to weapons). Hanuman is kind in nature if one asking for protection from it have to have a kind-heart. Only those compassionate people will be able to trance Hanuman once the Katha recited. Apart from Kongkrapan, Hanuman can be used to exorcist a house or an area. When you want to exorcist a place using Hanuman. It is the best to burn ninety-nine pieces of yellow paper with Hanuman picture printed on it. This is to invite the spirit of Hanuman to clean the place.

Hanuman carry different weapons and of course represent different meaning. For Hanuman carry Bow and Arrow represent out ride govt. oppress. Carry an Axe represent clearing of backstabber. Carry a sword represent justify. Carry a flag represent in Command / Authority etc.

Different numbers of arm represent different level of Hanuman. The basic level of Hanuman is only having a pair of arms and having five pair of arms is the highest level of Hanuman. Hanuman comes with speed of lights hence if you are in danger they come to assist you in second. Of course this come with a compassion heart. Cursing and swearing your own or others people parents is a big taboo. It will definitely less the effectiveness of wearing a Hanuman.

Can Hanuman enhance wealth? I did ask this questions with one of the past master and get shoot back. If you are in good health with legs and hands able to work don’t you think it already enhance your wealth? Well of course there are Hanuman to bring wealth. One good example is having Luang Phor Phoon’s (Wat Pailom) amulet. It does carry good fortune. It always depend on who is the master as he practise on Metta Mahalap or Kongkrapan. It is the master who carry the mystical power in making the amulet.

Katha on Hanuman (Heart) : Hanuman Na Ah. (Call upon Hanuman).

Katha on Luang Phor Phoon (Wealth) : Khoon Kong La Mak, Na Cha Ri It.

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