Somdej Ajahn Toh

A lot of people have this questions in their mind why Ajahn Toh recite prayer have to place both his right fist above the left fist? What is the purpose?

Today I would like to write something fewer people knows about my grand master Somdej Ajahn Toh (Above Pic).

Ajahn Toh is the first master to create Somdej that has been identified as the king of amulets. The Katha using to create this amulet is Jinapanjara Gatha (The Victor’s Cage).

This Katha is left down by Angulimala. One of Buddha disciple who is a series killer before under the refuge of Buddha. One day Angulimala is asking for alms and he pass by a house where the lady in house is in labour. However, she has difficulties in the labour. Angulimala out of compassion sit down and meditate asked Buddha to help.  Buddha told him that the house has evil spirit and it prevent the lady from labouring. Buddha told him to recite Jinapanjara Gatha to bless the lady. Angulimala asked Buddha if he can bless the lady as he has committed crime before. Buddha told him that since he is a free man as he has already paid for the crime he committed. Therefore he can bless the lady for a smooth labour. Angulimala did what Buddha teaches him and the lady and the child is safe.

Ajahn Toh shorten this Jinapanjara Gatha into 16 sentences (without reduce it effectiveness) and he use it to create Somdej amulet. Somdej is created in three temple in Bangkok. They are Wat Rakang, Wat Phra Keow and Wat Bang Khun Prom. However, before he recite Jinapanjara Gatha he will make prayer to invite Tao Wessuwan. The prayer goes like this : E Ti Pi So Pa Ka Wa, Ya Ma Ra Ca No “Tao Wessuwano” Ma Ra Nang Su Kang Ara Ha Su Ka To Na Mo Put Ta Ya. While he recite this prayer he vision Tao Wessuwan and he place his right fist above left fist representing Tao Wessuwan.

Ajahn Toh did mention before the goodness of having one offer prayer to Tao Wessuwan. He said for those who offer daily prayer to Tao Wessuwan good fortune will come in two weeks time. True or not is for you to test and find out yourself.

There are of course mystical review on Ajahn Toh creating Somdej. It is mentioned by my master that after Ajahn Toh created Somdej he will put the Somdej in the river (Behind Wat Rakang ) and went back to the temple recite Jinapanjara Gatha. The Somdej in the river will flew back to the temple. Those that flew back to the temple will then be given to the devotees. That is why Somdej owns the name king of amulet. True or not I’m don’t know as I’m not born during that time to see the whole process. It for you to judge yourself.

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