Buddhajayamangalagatha is specially passed down by Buddha. This Sutra is used by Buddha to defend Mara under the Bodhi tree.

The story of Buddha as we know he mediate under the Bodhi tree and gain his enlightenment there. It is on Thursday night a full moon. (Thursday is consider the most powerful day of the week as Buddha gain his enlightenment that why if you are having Sakyant tattoo or Wai Kru it is the best to have it on Thursday). However, after Buddha enlightenment he did not get up from the Bodhi tree. He continued to mediate under the Bodhi tree to enjoy the peace in his heart. Two days later, a big snake pass by and see the radiation the Buddha giving out, as it going to rain. The snake curve itself up and cover Buddha prevent it drench by the rain. This is what we know Naprok (Saturday Buddha). After the rain the snake goes away.

Tao Wessuwan appeared in front of Buddha informing him that Mara is leading his troops coming to seek confrontation with Buddha. Before leaving he left Buddha a Sutra to fight against Mara that is Buddhajayamangalagatha. Buddha use this Sutra to fight against the troops of Mara turning their weapons into flower. Lastly, invite the mother earth to wash away Mara’s troops.

Before Buddha left Bodhi tree he did walking around the tree three times clockwise in the respect for the shelter the tree gives. Is why Buddhist will walk around Buddha, Temple and Trees three times clockwise in the respect for it.

Story is different from what you guys have read and watch right? Well it depend on your faith and believe on Buddhism. Of course Buddhajayamangalagatha is one of the Sutra that we used to fight against evil spirit.

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