Khun Paen Amulet

khun pean

Pic : Khun Paen (Bang Krang). Created by Ajahn Chum Chaikiri.

Khun Paen Amulet has always been one of the favourite amulet among collector. What so special about Khun Paen and what is the purpose of offer prayer to it.

There are two types of amulet that not afraid of unclean stuff. What do I mean of unclean stuff? There are necromancy using women under garment and they cast a spell to it. The under garment is place inside on top of the ceiling main door. Those who pass by that door no matter how strong your amulet is. When passing that door your amulet will lose it effectiveness. Only Pidta and Khun Paen will not lost it effectiveness. This type of spell is mainly used in illegal casino. To prevent gamblers chances of winning the money thru their amulets.

Khun Paen amulet started very long ago. However, only started to be famous when Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Mo Khon start to recreate them. Luang Phor Parn is famous for his Yak Khun Paen(Diamond Katha) and rich Katha. He uses Su Na Mo Lo as the Katha for making Khun Paen. This Katha is for Maha Senah (Attraction of opps. sex). This why Khun Paen from Bang Krang gets it name. If you are looking for attraction wearing Khun Paen is always recommend. In order to have the full effectiveness of Khun Pean amulet is it advise to have it wear with only one amulet on the neck. There are few design of Khun Paen. One of the design is Khun Paen carry a fighting rooster. This types of Khun Paen is mainly for business and also gamble. It is in the tale that Khun Paen in his old age like to gamble on fighting rooster. Wherever, his rooster fight will always win. Hence, it is know as wearing Khun Paen will have some side luck.

Most of the practitioner is advised to wear Khun Paen amulet at their beginning stage by their master. Khun Paen is know as the easily to get interact with. Apart from having attractiveness, Khun Paen also have protection from danger.

Is Khun Paen suitable for lady to wear? My answer is no. Unlike Pidta which is suitable for ladies. Khun Paen are not advise to be wear by ladies. Because of the Katha : Su Na Mo Lo will bring more troubles on lady’s wearers.

Those who wear Khun Paen are found to be cannot save money. In the tales because of Khun Paen up and down. He is found of giving money to poor or treats friend. It is know to wearer that he can make a lot of friends but cannot save money. This is one of the factor you should consider if you want to wears a Khun Paen amulet and have saving at the same time.

Katha for Khun Paen (Heart) : Su Na Mo Lo , Na Mo Lo Su , Mo Lo Su Na, Lo Su Na Mo.

For Mediation with vision of Khun Paen Katha (Heart) : Su Na Mo Lo , Lo Su Na Mo.



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