Luang Phor Liew Amulet

Pic : Luang Phor Liew Amulet. It is believe that this batch of amulet can help wearer turn poverty to riches.

Luang Phor Liew Wat Rai Tang Thong. I believed a lot of people have heard about him. Questions in people mind is why he created amulet in the shape of a tortoise? Purpose of wearing his amulet? It is told that when Luang Phor Liew went into the deep rural areas to practise higher level of Buddhism, he sees a huge tortoise crawling on the field. Upon seeing that he knows that the tortoise has been practising with him. This give him the ideal of creating batches of amulet with the shape of the tortoise in the future.

Luang Phor Liew choose to practise the Metta Mahalap. As he knows no matter how strong your Kongkrapan. You will still go hungry in this realist world. Why husband and wife often quarrel? Majority is caused by poverty issued. Hence, in order to resolve poverty he decided to practise Metta Mahalap. That is also why he choose SangKraChai image in the center of the amulet. In Buddhism we believed that wherever SangKraChai goes there is always food provided.

How about the Katha (Heart) for the amulet? His Katha for his amulet he chose : Na Sang See Mo as the heart on creating his amulet. Reason he practise his meditation by using this four letter Katha. Though his close disciple it is know he did recite this Katha before he went into Nirvana. This show how strong can a Katha led if you practise it in a correct way.

The Katha he used has been taught that there are a lot of different ways to use it. It can be used to prevent legal suit or even to win a law suit. My master did told me a story regards a Singapore flower shop owner who business is very down and he seek help from Luang Phor Liew (When Luang Phor Liew is still around) and when he come back after getting blessing from Luang Phor Liew, his business started to pick up. So from this you can see how strong is this Katha in metta mahalap. A lot of people will have this question in their mind, what does is Katha means and where it is from? This Katha is letters pick up from Sutra. There is no meaning in interpreting the words individual. The Katha exist during Buddha times. It just that people seldom practise that as that time people needs Kongkrapan more. Wars between country are very usual case. It is now during this peaceful era people start to knows that earning money are more important than Kongkrapan.

The full version of his Katha : Na Ma Pa Ta,                                                                                                                                          Na Sang Si Mo,                                                                                                                                        Sang Si Mo Na,                                                                                                                                        Si Mo Na Sang,                                                                                                                                        Mo Na Sang Si,                                                                                                                                        Na U Ta Ka,                                                                                                                                              May Ma A U A.

For Meditation focus vision of Luang Phor Liew or his amulet SangKraChai Katha :        Na Sang Si Mo.

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