Pic: Palakit with image craft of E-Po (Male and Female Earth God). Material made of wood that float on the sea for many years.

Questions that people have in their minds why Palakit are craft in the shape of male organs? Why are there craft of shape of woman and monkey hugging on it? What is the purpose of wearing Palakit. The master that start this trend are Luang Phor Yit Wat Nong Jok. One night while Luang Phor Yit is meditating an old man appeared. He request Luang Phor Yit used that tree in the nearby temple to create amulet for the devotees. Upon agreed on his request the old man disappeared. Luang Phor Yit decided to craft the wood into the shape of a male organs – penis. Penis has been know as the source of life in sacred text. Males are know as the carry for the existence of lives. Hence you will notice famous or powerful amulet are created by male master. Female are the shell for the body of life. I know a lot of ladies reading this will start to said why so unfair. The world is fair. Females without giving birth are on the equal as men. However, once they have given birth they are nine step higher then males. It is because they carry the life for nine months. Their fallen tooth can make as an amulet for their own children only (must be after giving birth). The shape of male monkey and female are hugging Palakit are created by other master. They represent E-Po (Earth God). This is believed that it will empower Palakit. With this Palakit it can protect the wearer from black magic and good fortune. It is believed that if evil spirit meet Palakit. The spirit in the Palakit will flew out and outcast the evil spirit. Apart from outcast spirit Palakit is believed to bring sales in the business, as it represent the source of life. There is no specific Katha to Palakit. Different master have different Katha in making their own Palakit as an amulet.

The materials in making the Palakit is very important. It determine the power on the Palakit. Palakit must wear below the waist. Why? have you seen penis grows on the neck or above the head. Palakit suitable for both female and male. Most importantly wearing Palakit prevent black magic cast thru below the grounds. Black magic above from the sky can be protected by wearing amulet on the neck. However, from the ground may not be that effective.

Most of the practitioner will wear an amulet, a takrut on the waist and a Palakit in his or her pocket as protection.



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