For layman term we called it ITIPISO. As the starting of the Sutra is recite ITIPISO BHAGAVA.  This Sutra is very important to all Theravada Buddhist Practitioners. It is consider the mother of all Katha.

If one wants to get the correct pronounce of the Katha they must practice how to recite this Sutra.

The Sutra contain 59 words on pronounce the Pali language. Majority of the Katha comes from ITIPISO. Hence, it is consider the mother of all Katha. The most famous Katha circulating is Ya Khun Pean (Diamond Katha).

The Sutra consist of three portion. First the Praise of Buddha, second Praise of Dharma and last Praise of Sangkrang. In Buddhism Buddha, Dharma and Sangkrang are the Triple’s Gem of Buddhism. It not only secure the stability in Buddhism it also helps the growth in spreading Buddhism throughout the worlds. This Triple’s Gem is set up by Samyaksambuddha. Purpose is to uphold Buddhism. Buddha is the enlightened one where he will the being to Western Heaven. Dharma is the words / Teaching hand down by Buddha for us to follow and practise and Sangkrang is the group of monks who practise the teaching from the Buddha. No doubt Buddha did mentioned that after 2500 years later the Sangkrang will fall apart. However, we still need to respect the system or lineage set down by Buddha. One of my master told me this, even the monks may not be worthy we still have to respect the Monk. We respect the monk because of the Kasaya he is wearing. The vow where Buddha renounced the world when he put on Kayasa. (Kayasa is comes from the piece of white cloth that used to cover the body of the dead man. Buddha used his luxury clothes and accessories in the exchange of that piece of cloth to cover his body. That why in monk don’t have such thing called bad omen or unlucky. As Buddha has stepped out of it. Later, because the torn of the cloth Buddha ask small different piece cloth to sew onto it and he used the bark of rose wood tree to dye the cloth. That is the colour you see some of the monk wearing brown colour. How about those monk wearing yellow colour robe? It is due to the years of washing of the Buddha’s Kayasa turn to yellow colour). We must respect the Kayasa no matter what is the colour as it represent the holy vow taken by Buddha.

The correct recite of Itipiso will not only helps to improve ones life. It can also send merit to the deceased one. Hence, you can recite a lot of different type of Sutra, but you must learn the most basic Sutra – ITIPISO. In Buddhism the most basic is the most powerful Sutra. Foundation in Buddhism is very important, it is learning way of Buddha.

Apart from learning and practise, faith is also important in learning Buddhism.


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