Luang Phor Chan (L.P. Thiam)

luang phor thiam

Pic : Luang Phor Chan but people used to call him Luang Phor Thiam due the wrong pronounce of the his name.

A lot of people have mistaken Thai Buddhism as mystical and sometimes evil. As common people always thought that black magic comes from Thailand. That not true. Today I will write something from what I have learn from L.P Chan.

L.P Chan emphasize on spreading merit instead of seclusion oneself. He did not force his disciple on learning all the Sutra by heart. He mentioned that the most powerful Sutra is you have already know. Knowing a lot of Katha and Sutra not only confusion you but also affect your chanting. Hence, it is the best to learn a few by heart and recite them numerous time to have the effect on the Katha / Sutra works. When you recite the Sutra or Katha once the power is only one level. If you recite nine times then the effect of the Sutra will be nine level on the person.

He did not emphasized on self seclusion. In Theravada Buddhism there is one type of practise is to lock ourselves in a room or a cave and practise meditation with consume only fruit as our source of food. This improved our interactive mind. For him he will ask you to gain merit by helping instead of staying in the room. Even you have attained a higher level the only to gain merit is by helping people.

A lot of people mistake that most of the master will go for forest meditation training where they go deep into the forest to a deserted area and start mediation there. Little did they know it not the correct way of practise. Practise in a secluded area does not mean a deserted place. You stay away from crowded place, but you still need to stay around with people. If not, how you ask for alms? Even Buddha before his enlightenment, he stay away from crowd but did not go deep into the forest. Don’t mistake as some of the master tells his disciple that he goes deep into the forest alone to practise forest meditation training. If you believe in them you will get yourself kill by wild animal. Meditation does not let you see the neither world. Purpose of meditation is to stable your mind and thoughts.

People ask me when I was a monk in Thailand did I learn any krom from Luang Phor Chan? My answer is nope. He teaches me the way of meditation and the first letter to draw is actually circles. Surprise? In fact, recite prayer to effect on cloth. Just need to draw circle on it while recite prayer. It will have the same effect as in script a lot of words on it. Remember that Buddha does not emphasized on letter or language but actions. Practise on what has he taught us and led by example.

He even told us to discipline ourselves not others. A lot of people have made this mistake. Likes to tell people what to do or even thru force. In my F.B account I see daily people circulating telling others how to judge people. People taking care of animal more than their parents. Calling them animal. Well, if your that good you should know to discipline yourself instead of telling others what to do and don’t. What being taught as a true Buddhist, we only look at ourselves instead call upon others. We set ourselves as an example for others to see. There is a story, when Buddha and his followers were out for alms. There is a group of children using the mud on the and put it inside in Buddha’s bowl. Buddha accepted the mud given. Upon seeing that his followers is angry and about going to hit the children. Buddha stop them. Telling them the children followed the act on how others giving them alms – compassion. The children did it out the the compassion and should not be stop as they did not know they are supposed to give food instead of mud. From here we should know that compassion should start from young and loving animal don’t you think it a good way to start. No one has the right to criticize you, but this also does not give you the right to criticize others.

By the way, no one able to give you power by casting a spell or even take it away. What you have gotten is thru your own way of gaining. If you have a bad Karma, no one able to take it from you. You have to bear it yourself. This goes with good Karma. Even Buddha cannot escape Karma. A true Buddhist will always look upon our own actions instead going around making bad Karma.

有情来下种,因地果环生,无情即无种,无性亦无生。- 五祖弘忍。

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