Geomancy Temple Pillar (Fengshui)


Pic : the base of the Temple Pillar should have.

I mentioned before on the electing of Temple’s pillar. How it will help the country and descendant. This will be a mixed of Theravada Buddhism and Chinese Geomancy in my version.

The base of the pillar will need craft the star of the universe as the picture above. The pillar on top will craft the four faces of Tao Wessuwan on top of Tao Wessuwan will be the three image of Rahu and in the center of the three Rahu will be the statue of Phra Krut carrying a statue of Nak Prok above him. Centre of the stem craft Naga surrounding it.

This represent the birth of the universe and the four Deva protector of Buddhism – Tao Wessuwan, Rahu, Naga and Phra Krut (They also represent the protector from North, South, East and West). The four faces of Tao Wessuwan and three Rahu represent the seven level of attainment in Theravada Buddhism. Nak Prok rising on the top of Phra Krut represent strength and honour of Lord Buddha.

Electing the pillar require not only careful selection of dates but also a good Geomancy to place the pillar. The wood use to crave the pillar is also very important.

How will this help the people. This pillar not only provide peace and stablility in the city. Those who are down in their luck or even influence by black magic just need to walks clockwise around the pillar and recite Katha to change their luck or to get rid of black magic.

However, no such pillar has been built yet. This is my version on how the elect of the Temple’s pillar shall be like. Using what I have learn in Theravada Buddhism and Geomancy from my past Master.

(For reference only).

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