Home Altar Geomancy (Fengshui)

Yesterday I received enquiry on Geomancy on Temple’s Pillar whether if it suitable for home. Temple’s pillar does not suitable to place at home. It mainly to be constructed in Temple where people can made their offer to the Temple’s Pillar.

For home Geomancy you can set up an Altar at home. In fact, the best place to enhance good fortune and wealth in to place an altar at your cai wei(财位)at your home. If you do it well it will enhance your fortune and wealth. In bad times it will help you to put thru. Do I have to shift my Altar every year or every week? Since the star is moving around. Nope. Once alter is place you should not be moving it. Moving alter around will cause bad luck. Yes. Star move around but position does not moved. You cannot compare Geomancy with Zi Wei Duo Shu (紫薇斗术)fortune telling is fortune telling, Geomancy is Geomancy. In Geomancy mountain will change space will change. However,  the changes are consider hundred or millions years.

In my version of Geomancy taught is build according to fang wei (方位)and with the help of xuan shui (玄术)to enforce the cai wei (财位)in your home. To assist you further I usually place your name at the cai wei to improve your luck. This is what people called Zhong Sheng Ji(种生基)a better version then using cemetery as the place to place the Sheng Ji  (生基).

How to enhance your altar? Well for Buddhist’s altar especially Thai Buddhism. You can place an Alms Bowl and Kasaya at your altar or set a small altar beside it. Why Alms Bowl and Kasaya? It represent Buddha. After Buddha’s death what he left is his Dharma, his Alms Bowl and Kasaya. This is where always a saying passing the Alms Bowl and Kasaya (传衣钵). The Alms Bowl and Kasaya represent Buddha. There are story that during Buddha’s time he ask his disciple Sivali to use his Alms Bowl to get water from the river nearby and do blessing for the whole city.

Some people may have ask if I place Alms Bowl and Kasaya do I have to place the fan and umbrella tent together? Well you can however, not to the extreme placing umbrella tent. Placing umbrella tent will attract unseen spirit. Umbrella tent is normal use to attract spirit to hide in it. To save them from being taken by ghost hunting gods. It is used to Chao Du (超度)spirit. Hence it is not advisable to place at home.

Placing of alms bowl and kasaya on altar will help you to easy to find food (jobs / sale). It also represent you have enough money to buy clothes to wear. You don’t have to get a used alms bowl or kasaya. A fresh one will be good enough. As this represent the Buddha. Of course if you can get a used one by high and honourable master it will be better.

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