Cemetery Geomancy / Ancestor

Luo pan

Pic: Luo Pan (罗盘)

Cemetery Geomancy is an ancient practised. Chinese believed that if their ancestor lives well their descendant will be well protected. That why cemetery Geomancy becomes very important.

How to pick a good place for my ancestor? Is buried better then cremation? Picking a good buried place is the same as choosing your home. First, we must understand the ground of the cemetery. Where is the head of the dragon. Has the place supported by the Qi (气). Where is the earth god or mountain god? Ancient Chinese believe that buried is better then cremation as the energy of the ancestor is stronger then cremation. However, in Buddhist we usually practise cremation. In Buddhist we understand that we are made up by four element. Yes four element not five element. There is a different between Chinese Geomancy and Buddhist concept. The Buddhist four element are Earth, Fire, Water and Air. That why when we die we will return to the same state. By doing so you can see that we practise buried – earth, cremation – fire , buried in sea – water and feed to Vultures – air. The most common practise and environment friendly is thru cremation – fire.

If my ancestor cremated and choose to buried in the sea does this consider water? Nope it is consider fire buried. Well today a lot of people choose to do that. As more space is required to build for the people to live. They believe that even you don’t do it now you have to do it later.

For me in my own opinion, I will do it later. First, in this society we must understand what is filial(孝)? It not only before the death but also after death. However, today many has forget it roots. Our improvement of this society is contribute by our ancestor thru their blood and sweat. So before you decide to forgo them in the sea please think about the contribution they make to you. Making sure that they rest happily after their life become important to you. As a good cemetery place can help and assist the next generation better life(庇佑子孙). So if you don’t think about yourself you must think about the next generation.

A lot of generation today think only for themselves. They does not understand what needed to be done for a proper buried. Of course now we are living the world a lot of constant. For those in cemetery line has already forget why they need to pray to San Pek Ya – Xiao Zi Te (三伯爷 – 孝子爷)he is to ensure the ancestor is thru proper buried and ceremony is done. So that your ancestor rest well in the neither world.

What now practise is according to own liking. They set up procedure on their own and thinking they are king of this land. They also think that their rubber stamp can prevent bad omen and even outcast spirit. Well for me my words to you this you reap what you sow. (万般自做还自受,地狱受苦怨何人)。

Lastly for those who think rubber stamp or logo can outcast spirit. My advice you think too much. So many years how many country went thru fall and rise rubber stamp and logo keep changing you think it will works? Officer bluff his cadet and you choose to believe in it.


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