Pic : Me with Lersi Por Gae Tai Fai.

Questions in people’s mind who are Lersi and what is the purpose of praying to Lersi. How many are there?

Lersi are ancient practitioner. They stay in the secluded area and majority lives on fruits. Most of them wear tiger skin as their clothing. Before Buddha’s enlightenment, he did went under the refuge of Lersi for several years. However, knowing that the way to Lersi cannot end the sufferings. Buddha decided to find his own path for enlightenment.

There are 108 Lersi. Actually more then that. However, we used 108 as a guide line. The most famous are the top five where people now are praying. They are Lersi Tai Fai, Lersi Na wah, Lersi Por Gae, Lersi Narai and Lersi Narot.  Majority of the people praying are Lersi Tai Fai and Lersi Por Gae.

Lersi Tai Fai are Lersi with the third eye. A lot of people understand that the Third eye is fire eye. Some even stated that once Lersi opened his third eye he can burn down everything because his third eye has the power of  Samin fire(三昧真火). It the same power of written in the journey to the west where the monkey king Sun Wu Kong is throw in the urn where he his burn under Samin fire for 49 days.  However, little people know the third eye know as Tong Tian Eye(通天眼). This eye has the power to see Gods, Heaven, Ghost, Hell, Buddha, Hell and even see the future. This eye is different from Yin Yang Eye(阴阳眼)where it can see only ghost. People make offer to Lersi Tai fai for Geomancy, fortune telling, medicine and spiritual guidance. It is know that once you place Lersi Tai Fai in the house all evil spiritual wander in the house will be dispel out.

Lersi Por Gae most of the Sakyant master offer prayer to him. He is know for written Kom (Sakyant) on leaves, paper and metal for devotees and also on the bodies. He is famous in his meditation and chanting. It is believed that Hanuman’s master is Lersi. Every time when Lersi is chanting Hanuman will sit on the tree and listen carefully. Most master prayed to Lersi Por Gae for recharge Sakyant on devotees bodies or even amulet and Tarkuts. That is why I normally invite Lersi Por Gae to chant for devotees. This is to re-charge their amulet and even Sakyant on their bodies.

For re-charged of Sakyant and amulet you can look for me @ 80 Changi Road, Centropod #02-39 Singapore 419715. Mobile No : +65 81009358.

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