Lersi Saming


Pic : Lersi Saming created by master L.P. Nien. (For Rent)

Lersi Saming is one of the 108 Lersi which I mentioned early in my blog.

Purpose of wearing and offers prayer to Lersi Saming for authority, outcast of black magic, metta mahaniyom (loving -kindness from everyone), guard wealth and prevent back stabber.

Empathize the creation of 108 Lersi is to help different types of people from all sort of lifes. Choosing a Lersi for oneself is depend very much fate. Lersi in Buddhism is consider under Xian(仙). For those who interested in practise wicha will go under the homage of Lersi first. Practise a higher level of Lersi will go fruits as their source of foods. Lersi don’t take meat even they represent certain animal. e,g. Lersi Saming.

Change of face is consider very high attainment of wicha under Lersi. This spell original from Lord Shiva and Lord Shiva is consider as Lersi. This spell they call it changes of nine faces.

Some people may mistaken that Lersi Saming is Chinese legend Tiger God(虎爷)or even Tiger that ride by God. This is no true. Lersi Saming is more powerful and higher level. No doubt they may carry the same effectiveness. Wearing Lersi Saming must not put under the waist. If place at home it will be good to put on the table or altar.

Lersi Saming is generally good for all horoscope except those born in the year of the monkey. Lersi Saming is specially good for those who born in the year of Tiger. Lersi Saming is good for people who circle of friends / enemy who keep Nam Man Prai (Corpse Oil) or one’s pray Barang.

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