Corpse Oil

Recently, I have watch Youtube. There is news on effect of using corpse oil to improved luck and charm. It a symbol that we are going to end Buddhism. People losing faith and trust on authentic Buddhism. They believe that using spirit is faster than praying to Buddha and follow way.

I cannot blame them having this kind of thinking. Indeed, we are moving so fast that we don’t even know. Everyone wants instant effect. That made way for the use of corpse oil. However, without proper knowledge on how to extract and proper ritual to make corpse oil with not only harm others it will also harm you.

You must understand that there is no shortcut in life. Everything you gain in this world is thru your gain of merit. Nothing is free. However, since people like to have more knowledge on corpse oil. Then I shall let you know the correct procedure in extracting the oil.

First, when extract the corpse oil from the corpse. The corpse must not passed away before 48 hours.  The body of the corpse must not store in freeze or frozen. Reason very simple once after 48 hours of the death the spirit will enter in another world hence you can’t ask permission to extract the oil. Why not freeze the corpse, so that you can extract the oil thru flame of the candle. The corpse can move upright for you to extract the oil.

Before, extracting the corpse oil. There is a few offering item to be prepare. (This part I will not write what item is required). After entering the room, the person will light a white candle and chant a Katha. He will ask permission if the extract of the oil is allow. If the corpse allow he/she will sit upright. This time the master will use the candle and burn the area below the chin of the corpse. Transparent liquid will form below the chin. This time the master will use a small bottle to collect the oil. Why small bottle because only small quality can only be collected. After, the collection the master will chant a Katha and he will use his hand to close the eyelid of the corpse. the corpse will fall back to it lying place.

After going back the master will chant Buddhism Sutra for days to appeased the dead before sold the oil. (Most of the master now skip this part).

You must understand that the oil is transparent, there is no smell to it and small bottle. The corpse oil is not cut the meat from the body and fry it. If there is smell and colour in the corpse oil it mean that it has mixed with some other oil. Usually is the flower oil. If you smell bad smell this mean the oil is extract thru other means.

The corpse oil are not supposed to be touched or taken. If you are down on your luck you will be even more down.

People always mixed up with normal flower oil with corpse oil. Corpse oil is illegal but flower oil is legal. Corpse oil due to black market it is expensive where flower oil is at cheap price.

What is the purpose of the corpse oil? It is used to control ones mind. However, due to the addict to the use of corpse oil. People will fall into the dark side – Greed.

Corpse oil will not enhance the power of the amulet. The spirit of the corpse will eventually residue in the amulet. Given time it will help you to get you want to addict to it. Once you fall on it, you will never recongised yourself.

Now a lot of master practised extract of corpse oil due to the demand market in China and Southeast Asia. Not knowing the harm of using corpse oil not only get yourself kill even your love ones get affected.

Before using remember you reap what you sowed. Karma is not instant but you cannot decline it existent.

Btw, don’t ask me for the Katha of the corpse oil or if I have sold any. I don’t have and I won’t entertain you. What I learn from my previous master for the corpse oil already gone with them. I don’t recall any.

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