Pic : Pidta Ma A U (Six Arm) – Below Ajahn Chum’s katha. For Rent.

This pidta is very special. It has the feature of Sangkrachai yet in the shape of Pidta Ma A U.

This is the combine of two Pidta. Pidta Mahalap which is for enhance of wealth and good fortune. It also for protection and prevent mishap happening as it is in the shape of Pidta Ma A U.

Any Pidta more then four arm are consider Pakrawan. The highest level of Pidta Ma A U.

Pakrawan not only prevent from mishap happening it also fight back the evil magic that cast onto you. Pakrawan is reincarnation of Devdatta who speak bad about Buddha during Buddha times. He was sent to hell and he realised his mistake. He made a vow to rebirth and save the people. Thousand years later, he at last gain enlightenment and become a Buddha. As he is ashame of what he has done to Buddha. He cover his face and he cried. This is how the image of Pakrawan come about. Not only he protect people but also fight against evil.

In fact, looking for a good Pakrawan is very difficult. Few master manage to success in making good Pakrawan. With this not only it bless with protection it also enhance wealth and fortune.

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