Yesterday, I came across in Youtube that there are Ajahn (master) provide special kind of service. It required the female devotee to be full naked and the Ajahn (master) will strip himself off to do the change of luck for the devotee. What I’m going to empathize is that for my belief and what my master taught me we do not do that.

There isn’t any shortcut or special ways to get your luck changed. Ritual that works is depend on how strict the master led his path and how he gain his merit. Chanting of Sutra and Katha are left by Buddha. There are precepts we Ajahn (master) have to keep in order for the Katha or chanting works. In short it is our vow and meditation that make the Katha works.

During my younger days while I’m training under my current teacher. I’m told that there is this so called Ajahn (master). Who promise a lady that he can change her luck by doing a special ritual. This special ritual required the lady to strip naked. The so called master will use fragrance flower oil and gold leaf to go over her body. In believing the so called master. The lady did what the master did. While perform the ritual half way the so call master strip himself and have intercourse with the lady. The so call master was later apprehend by the police.

Well if you talk about change of luck a good Ajahn (master) will not do that. Yes. There is ritual to do it but not in this way. The most common is offered prayer to Rahu. Of course there is bath blessing water (with clothes on) to wash away the bad luck.

Please don’t take me as those so called Ajahn (master) I mentioned above. They and me are different in practised and I confirm they have walked and will bring you to the wrong way.

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