Phra Phrom Wat Sakae

Phra phom

Pic : Phra Phrom. Temple : Wat Sakae. Master : Luang Phor Doo.

Phra Phrom not only famous in Thailand and is know through out the world. Due to Erawan Shine in Bangkok. Phra Phrom is commonly know as four face Buddha. He is one of the Dharma protector in Buddhism. In Chinese he is known as(梵天)or Heaven God(天公). His duty are creator of the universe. In Hinduism, there are three highest level of gods. They are Phra Phrom, Phra Narai and Shiva. It is believed that Phra Phrom create the universe, Phra Narai balance the universe and Shiva is to end world.

Seldom people known that Phra Phrom in Erawan Shine are made of paper and is from temple Wat Sakae. Everyone thought that Phra Phrom are made of metal. Wat Sakae is famous in creating Phra Phrom. One of it master who is good in creating Phra Phrom is Luang Phor Doo. It is also believe that Luang Phor Doo can spiritual connected to Luang Phor Thuat. A master that live in Thailand around 500 years ago.

Phra Phrom in Theravada Buddhism is believe that as long as you have achieved the four great merit in your lifetime you be able to achieve the level of Phra Phrom. The four great merit are Metta, Karuna, Mudita and UPekkha. That why it is believe that those who make offer to Phra Phrom will gain good fortune, luck and wealth.

Offering a statue of Phra Phrom in house or office may not be help you in Business or your household. As offering to Phra Phrom require a very open and big space. In order to suit the Geomancy that you offer the prayer. This is different from wearing a Phra Phrom amulet.

There is no special Katha in Phra Phrom. In Thervada Buddhism most of the master recite the four great merit Sutra. This Sutra remind all Buddhist to follow and practise of the four great merit.

For ladies please do not get confused by others said that you need to dance naked in front of Phra Phrom to get what you wish for. Having the four great merit does not required you to do that. For those who believe it time to change and get your believe correct.


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