Phra Pikanet (Ganesh)


Pic : Phra Pikanet Statue create and bless by Luang Phor Somphrom. (The tip of the trunk is on the left side represent wealth – side luck).

Phra Pikanet is very famous God not only in Hinduism but also Theravada Buddhism. Phra Pikanet / Ganesha are small master(小师)in Theravada Buddhism. If we are inviting gods during our prayer we will first invite Phra Pikanet. In Theravada Buddhism he is know as the God to open the path for the praying ceremony.

Phra Pikanet is the son of Shiva (God of destruction) and Parvati (God of Wealth). Hence, he carry the power of destruct obstacle and wealth. Due to he is bless by the three most high level gods – Phra Phrom, Phra Narai and Shiva. He become the Gods of the battle. Meaning, if you are going to invite Deva to the prayer ceremony you have to invite Phra Pikanet. In Chinese mythology, the one holding the authority of control the troops of Gods is Nazha San Tai Zi(哪吒三太子)whereas in Theravada Buddhism is Phra Pikanet. In layman term Phra Pikanet is like the defence minister holding the authority in commanding the troops.

Phra Pikanet is one of the Dharma protector in Theravada Buddhism. He is one of the wealth god in Tibet. Whoever carry him will be protected from harm and wealth enhencement.

The words OM represent him and OM this words also represent light. In Theravada Buddhism if you chant the words OM in the version of light. Phra Pikanet will appear. So if you are recite OM MA NI PAD MI HUM. Then the first God inviting are Phra Pikanet to protect you. OM this word is also the first sound appear in the world. Theravada Buddhist chant OM with a short verse. However, in Hinduism they recite OM with a long verse. The sound produce the same as the bowl(钵)sound. That why in Mahayana Buddhism before they started to recite the Sutra they will sound the bowl(钵)with a stick to produce the sound of OM (long verse).

They are many different types of Phra Pikanet’s statue. The most people’s overlook is the tip of the trunk point on the left side or right side. To determine it point on the right side or left side is to place the Phra Pikanet in front of you. If the tip of the trunk is on the left is mean left. The tip of the trunk on the left means wealth and if on the right means spiritual.

It is believe that if you make offer to Phra Pikanet that tip of the trunk is on left, you are asking for wealth enhancement and  side luck. As for Phra Pikanet the tip of the trunk is on right side meaning spirit connected. This is commonly found in most of the Phra Pikanet’s statue. So if you are choosing a Phra Pikanet’s statue you may have to take this into your consideration.

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