Buddhist Beads

Buddhist beads

Pic : Buddhist hand waist beads. Materials : Woods.

Left to Right : Long Bo Mu(龙柏木),Jin Si Tan Mu(金丝檀木),Sua Zhi Mu(酸枝木)

It very common for Buddhist to wear beads on the hand waist or on the neck. Today I will like to touch on the materials that the beads made up of.

Most of Buddhist beads are made of woods however few people knows that different woods has a different effect on the wearer.

The picture above show the beads is made of different type of woods. In ancient times, people believe that different types of woods not only prevent evil spirit, it can improve health and even protect from insect bites. Of course this believe does not support by modern science and it has been classify as myth.  Well it up to you to choose to believe in it. In Buddhism we encourage to try, practise then rather blindly believe in it. My believe that that different types of woods does have certain effect on body is thru on incident happen on me. I made an injury on my toe while I was moving into my new home. This injury was not able to recover despite I went for medical help. I came across an amulet made of wood material. After wearing the amulet, I realised the injury start to heal by itself and now it fully recovered. Of course, many people after reading here will have a questions in their mind. It must be the western medicine I have apply start to work? Well before I have try wearing the amulet I have stop all medication. As I found that the medication does not work and it made the wounds worse. Here I need to empathize that I don’t discourage you from taking medicine especially is long term medication and the beads is the cure for all sickness. What I mean is it not harm on trying wearing beads that improve health even though it has not been certify by our modern science.

For wearing beads that made of Long Bo Mu(龙柏木)is believe to keep insect away and also to prevent villain. It can also prevent disturb by evil spirit. It is good for those who has to travel late night or those who eight character (Bazi ) is very light and easy to attract spirit to follow you home.

Wearing beads that made of Jin Si Tan Mu(金丝檀木)is to push up your luck and fortune. The woods itself have very soft fragrant. Tan Mu (檀木)is the material that we made joss sticks. It is believe the fragrant of the woods attract the Deva / Devi. It is believe that the by wearing Jin Si Tan Mu(金丝檀木)your luck will increase daily.

Wearing beads that made of Sua Zhi Mu(酸枝木) is for health. Sua Zhi Mu(酸枝木) itself gives a glossy looks and it does gives a soft smell. It believe that this smell helps to improve your sleep at night. Especially those who wake up with a sweaty palm. By wearing Sua Zhi Mu(酸枝木) is to improve on health.

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