Phra Rahu Amulet

Pic : Phra Rahu Amulet. Created by master : Kuba Nuyin.

Temple : Wat Ba Bu Tha Mong Kun (1st Batch).

Phra Rahu is a Hindu God. He is in charge  of all star in the universe. Good star, bad star all under his care. There are a different version of story and myth about Rahu. (For the story I won’t go into detail as you can google).

People mistaken Phra Rahu as chinese god Tian Gou(天狗)or Tai Sui (太岁)as they are often pray to avoid mishap if that year your fortune or luck are not good. Well Phra Rahu does have the same effect. However, apart from avoid mishap it also prevent backstabber, office politics, attracts wealth, neutralize negative energy and even absorb wicha.

In Thailand’s fortune telling if happen that year you meet Phra Rahu. This spell trouble for you. It mean you are down on your luck. Often think that there are Eight Buddha in a week. (One day represent one Buddha and only Wednesday represent two Buddha). However, few people knows that actually there are Nine Buddha in a week and the number Nine Buddha are actually Phra Rahu. That is why the symbol of Nine (in Thai) represent Phra Rahu. In fact, Phra Rahu are considered Buddha.

Phra Rahu dislike red colour, hence if you are wearing Phra Rahu’s amulet or going under Rahu’s Blessing. You have to avoid wearing red. Phra Rahu likes black colour and often we gives eight different types of black colour food as offering to Phra Rahu.

How Phra Rahu become one of our Dharma protectors? During Buddha’s time, while Buddha laying under the tree. He heard a voice calling upon him. He open his eyes to see. However, he cannot find the who is calling upon him. He did not get up to search around as he afraid to step onto it. Buddha called upon the spirit to reveal itself as he could find him. The spirit told Buddha to look at his foot, it was Phra Rahu who turn himself small and hide under Buddha’s foot (that why Buddha cannot find him). After Phra Rahu revealing himself, he pledged to be Buddhist Dharma protector and eat all negative forces in the universe (Just like Phra Krut).

Phra Rahu are cousin of Tao Wessuwan. In fact, Phra Rahu, Phra Pirab and Tao Wessuwan are together. Phra Rahu are the one controlling are the stars in the universe and Tao Wessuwan are the one controlling the all spirit in the world. That why in some temple you can see crafting of Phra Rahu on the above the door and Tao Wessuwan are on the door. It represent sky and earth.

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