King of Amulet Somdej

Pic : Somdej Created by Luang Phor Somboon (Year 2013).

Amulet Somdej is the king of amulets. The first person who created this amulet is Somdej Ajahn Toh. Who is a very famous monk in Thailand. He is also the one who subdue Nang Nak the ghost wife (This story has been made into the movie in 1999).

The creation of Somdej amulet is using the shadow of Lord Buddha’s meditation. It is where the Lord Buddha defeat Mara (King of Demon). It a symbol of success and overcome any obscure. The outline of around Somdej amulet represent the bell of the temple. Ajahn Toh’s belief that the bell of the temple represent enlightenment. He wishes that who wear Somdej will be able to get enlightenment.

The Somdej amulet represent Thursday Buddha. Hence, For those who are born in that day are even best to wear it.

Ajahn Toh use Jinapanjara Gatha as the as the spell to enhance the power of Somdej amulet. It is now every master who created Somdej uses the Gatha for creating Somdej. Jinapanjara Gatha is the Sutra pass down by Lord Buddha to one of his disciple Angulimala to bless one of the lady who is in hard labor. The one who kill almost one thousand lives in order to get his enlightenment. He is later subdue by Lord Buddha.

In Buddhism there are two types of Sutra. One is Parita (protection). The other is Metta (loving-kindness). Jinapanjara Gatha is under Parita (protection). It has been rumour that if you can recite Jinapanjara Gatha with strong focus it can even stop the penetration of knife and bullets. Apart of all this it can even prevent you from people bad mouth about you. As you are protected in all areas by all saint around you.

The ingredient in making an effective Somdej is also carefully selected. This make the amulet even more powerful. Some of the ingredient in Somdej are able to cure sickness. That why if you observe some of the master will place a Somdej in water when they bless the devotees.

Does Somdej enhance wealth on devotees? Does success in whatever you does consider wealth enhancement?

If you are a newbie in Thai Buddhism and wish to get a good amulet. I recommendation to you will be Somdej King of Amulet.

No doubt there is a lot of Somdej around the market (Local and Thai) there are a lot of fake amulet also. If you are getting an amulet. Please look into the detail like who is the master who created the amulet, material used.

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