Pic: From Left to right : Kumantong(金童)created by Luang Phor Perm Temple, Luang Phor Phoon Temple and Luang Phor Yeam.

Kumantong chinese name(金童)often mistaken by as ghost child due to it resemble as a child. People always think that Kumantong is created to rest a spirit of an unborn child. The spirit of the unborn child who is aborted or miscarriage. All this tainted the real reason of Kumantong created by famous monks.

Please do not mixed up the real Kumantong created by respectful monks with the movie or novel legend character Khun Paen. Yes. Khun Paen created Kumantong is from his wife’s womb and he has only forty-eight to do it. It is because after forty-eight hours the spirit will goes into reincarnation hence it has to be made within forty-eight hours. This is so called the ghost child.

However, Kumantong created by famous Luang Phor are actually called Golden Child. In Buddhism’s term are called Lotus Child. They are the one offer Lotus to Buddha while Buddha preaches Sutra in the Western Paradise. The Golden Child brings good fortune whoever, owns it. Of course Kumantong have it limitation. They cannot outcast black magic. However, they can inform or alert you for preparation when there is trouble coming.

Usually people pray to Kumantong for side luck. There is no side effect in having a Kumantong created by famous monks (Luang Phor) as what they create is not ghost child.

Collectors of Kumantong likes to collect Kumantong made by these three famous temple they are Wat Brang Phra – Luang Phor Perm’s Temple, Wat Pailom – Luang Phor Phoon’s temple and Wat Samngarm – Luang Phor Yeam’s temple. It is believe that Kumantong for these three temple carrying extreme side luck.

The most famous temple for Kumantong is Wat Samngarm Luang Phor Tay. Luang Phor Tay is Luang Phor Yeam’s master. Luang Phor Tay’s Kumantong are famous for wealth fetching and side luck. Luang Phor Tay passed away and taught whatever he has know to Luang Phor Yeam. That made Kumantong created by Luang Phor Yeam as famous as Kumantong created by Luang Phor Tay.

There is no need any chanting of Katha in having wearing Kumantong. A lot of people worry that having a Kumantong needs any special chanting or special care. having a Kumantong is still life as usual. You don’t have to make any changes to it.

Kumantong created by famous monks (Luang Phor) can wear above the waist. However, those created by others (not under the monk lineage) have to go below the waist.

For those who having Sakyant on their body cannot wear Kumantong as the Sakyant prevent you in connecting to Kumantong. However, you can have a Kumantong Bucha to make offering.  Kumantong spiritual level are just like Earth God. As they are close to you hence in answer prayer like wealth fetching are better.

Nowsday, I observed that youngster does not know what they have been collected. They does not see the dangers of having Kumantong from an unknown source.  They believe that Kumantong using cemetery soil, corpose oil to create Kumantong are the most effective. They believe that the more evil it is the more effective it gets. Well you reap what you sow. However, a good Kumantong does not need to have that. If the master has a high level of meditation the Kumantong will be effective even the soil is the normal soil. Luang Phor Tay’s Kumantong is a very good example. There is rumors that his Kumantong are made from cemetery soil. This is half true.  Yes the red soil he used is from his temple backyard where beside is the cemetery. However, that is also the place he practise his meditation. That place become a holy place as his meditation has reached the level of Buddha (not Arahang). In Buddhism does not mean you reach level of Buddha you will be able to preach to others. How do I know? Because Luang Phor Tay’s meditation is taught by Luang Phor Mun. Thailand best in meditation. So the key point in creating a good Kumantong is to have a strong foundation in mediation instead of the materials.

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