Somdej (Wat Rakang and Wat Inn)

Pic : Somdej From Left to Right ( Wat Rakang Somdej and Wat Inn Somdej).

Note: Amulet Somdej Wat Inn is know as Brangkhoonphoon.

First batch of Somdej amulet is created by Ajahn Toh Abbot of Wat Rakang. However, before he become the Abbot of Wat Rakang he used to stay in Wat Inn. That why Wat Inn also produce Somdej amulet. No doubt the way the material in producing is also the same, the mould of the somdej is different. The early batch of Wat Rakang Somdej is thicker and the Wat Inn is thinner.

Usually from the outlook of the Somdej we will be able to identify the Temple that create the Somdej. Somdej Wat Inn usually has multiple step below the Buddha. It is believed that the more step it has is better. Of course the best is sixteen step. It represent the Somdej has blessing from the Deva in heaven. Somdej Wat Rakang has only three steps which represent the Buddhist’s triple gems. (Buddha, Dharma and Sangkang).

The material use to made in Wat Rakang are mostly for protection, luck, fortune and metta (loving-kindness).  As for Wat Inn, it is believe that there is a material inside the Somdej that can be used to make holy water. This holy water is believed that it can cure sickness. That why some Ajahn will put Somdej Wat Inn in their bowl with water and sprinkler on their devotee when they give blessing to them. Today this is still a practise.

The wrong concept people have is Somdej does not able to exorcist evil spirit. This is not true. The Katha used to enhance Somdej amulet is the best Katha not only to exorcist spirit but also enhance good fortune. Making friends around you.

So where people said that Somdej is a normal amulet. Think twice. It maybe common in looks but the material and the Katha use is something you cannot belittle for.


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