Luang Phor Liew (II)

Pic : Luang Phor Liew amulet, Phrayant and statue created by Ajahn Chai Chum Wat Rai Tang Thong (Luang Phor Liew’s Da Shi Di 大师弟).

In my previous blog I mentioned on how Luang Phor Liew get his ideal on created amulet with the shape of a Turtle.

What is so special about the Phra yant of the Turtle? It is believe that this Phra Yant not only stop poverty and also cash flow problem. It also prevent unfortunate incident happening. This Phra Yant is also use for those who wants to win a legal suit or avoid any legal suit. Why is this Phra Yant so powerful? This Phra Yant is created by one of Buddha’s disciple name Sangkarchai.

Sangkarchai is born during Buddha’s time. Because of the good deeds he done in his previous life he is blessed with good fortune. It is stated that wherever he resident in the place it will flourish and turn prosperous. Sangkarchai has also an unique way of practising meditation and blessing. Whenever, he gives his blessing he use both hands cover his face. This is what we called Pidta Malahap (fortune and luck). The Katha Na Sang Si Mo has become his signature Yantra. If you are wearing or make offering to Sangkrachai you can recite the Katha of Na Sang Si Mo.

The shape of the Turtle represent the one of the five Buddha. In Buddhism Na Mo Put Ta Ya represent the five holy Buddha. These five Buddha can be represent as five holy animal. The five animal are Ox, Snake, Turtle, Rooster and lion.

The Katha Na Sang Si Mo also represent the Turtle. If you have google the rich katha you will find that the katha has included the words Na Sang Si Mo.

A lot of people have misunderstand that for those who practise Theravada Buddhism even once you get enlightenment you will reach the level of Arahang(阿罗汉). This is not true. It your heart that guide you not the way you practise. In fact, for Luang Phor Liew he has reached the level of Bodhisattva. That is why if you carry his image you will be flourish with good fortune.

A good amulet not only it has to be from a good temple a famous master, it also you must have good faith in it. Overcoming your problem not only you need to understand the law of Karma but you must have good faith in the amulet you carry.

In Thailand the people not only carry amulet produce by famous or respectable monks. They also believe that the amulet power have the strong connections with the temple (Fengshui).

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