Sangkrachai and Sivali

Pic : from Left to Right Phra SangKraChai (Temple : Wat Brang Phra) and Phra Sivali (Temple : Wat Inn).

Phra SangKraChai and Phra Sivali are both for bring good fortune and wealth. Few people knows that they are actually master and disciple. Phra Sivali is actually Phra SangKraChai’s disciple. No doubt both of them are the disciple of the Buddha during Buddha’s time.

Both have great fortune however, compare SangKraChai has a greater merit then Sivali. We know hat for Sivali wherever he stay the village will turn prosperity and harmony. However, for SangKraChai wherever he stay the whole town will turn prosperity and harmony. For practitioner who wants to practise like SangKraChai have to start from Sivali.

So since SangKraChai is better than Sivali is it better to carry SangKraChai amulet then Sivali? No. On carry which amulet is better not depend on who is higher. But on the wearer current situation he/she is facing. E.g if you are just a small employee in a company, you are handling sales or admin job. You should carry Sivali instead of SangKraChai. Sivali has a better metta (loving-kindness) then SangKrachai. Wherever he goes he will be like by others esp. your boss good look. (Lesser office politics). However, if you carry SangKraChai due to the the strong fortune given by SangKraChai you will often meet enemy in office and your boss will not appreciate you. (you are unlikely a favourite person in office). Who are suitable to wear SangKraChai amulet. Bosses and manager position above are suitable to wear SangkraChai. As you need controlling power over your staff. You need good fortune to carry on the business lifeline. Apart from good fortune SangKraChai is good in avoiding legal dispute.

Since SangKraChai’s mantra is “Na Sang Si Mo” what is Sivali’s mantra? Sivali mantra is “Na Ca Ri Ti”.

Almost all metta amulet will have the ending “Na Ca Ri Ti”. This means that wherever you goes you are able to find food. Hence, this show how powerful Sivali can be.

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