Wild Boar Amulet

wild boar amulet

Pic : Wild Boar Amulet from temple Wat Brang Phra (Luang Phor Perm’s Temple).

Most people thought that Wild Boar amulet is only for KongKrapan (Protection). However, they did not know it actually is for clearing of bad luck.

Why it uses the image of wild boar?  In Buddhism, we believed using the nature force as a helping tool for the devotees. We used the spirit in the universe to assist and bless the devotees with good luck and fortune. The nature of wild boar will charge straight if they meet their enemy. So if you are carry this holy wild boar amulet. If you meet any crisis in life you will be able to overcome the difficulties in life. As wild boar carry the strength and courage to dash over it. Apart from clearing away bad luck and outcast evil spirit. Wild boars amulet also defend it owner’s enemy. If you are working in a complex office environment. A wild boar amulet maybe suitable for you as it chase away your backstabber away.

Does wild boar bring good fortune? Yes. If you see Chinese Horoscope. Those who born in the year of pig usually have very good luck especial side luck. In our belief, pig carry very good fortune. In fact pig carry the Chinese words “Fu” 福.

Does wild boar amulet suitable for everyone? Yes. However, those who born in the year of the snake are not suitable to carry wild boar amulet. In Chinese Horoscope born in the year of Pig crash with those born in the year of Snake.

This wild boar amulet can wear above or below waist. It is suitable for those who works in entertainment industry or sales industry. Unlike tiger amulet, wild boar amulet does not chase away customer. If your in sales line and thinking of carry a tiger amulet why not carry a wild boar amulet which is more suitable in your careers path.

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