Luang Phor Phoon (Wat Pailom)


Pic : Luang Phor Phoon amulet (Wat Pailom).

Luang Phor Phoon (Wat Pailom) had been famous in giving wealth to devotees. He is well like by local and oversea devotees. It is common for devotees who is down on luck or failure in life went to see him to get his blessing. Devotees who went for his blessing said that their life changes 360 degree. That earned him the name as Wealth Enhancement Monk.(财僧)

Why Luang Phor Phoon sits on Hanuman? One day while Luang Phor Phoon is mediating, a Hanuman appeared infront of him. After paid respect to Luang Phor Phoon. The Hanuman told Luang Phor Phoon that he is the guidance spirit of protecting Krut that keeps the relic of Buddha. However, due to time the Krut fallen apart and his mission completed. he passing by the temple and see there radiates coming out from the temple and he wish to follow Luang Phor Phoon and assist him in building up the temple again.

Luang Phor Phoon Wat Pailom not only famous for wealth enhancement. He is famous for his Hanuman amulet. His Hanuman amulet not only good in protection but also bring wealth and good fortune.

It is know that  the year number Luang Phor Phoon Wat Pailom passes away open in Thailand’s lottery. A lot of Thai people buy the number and able to get a fortune from it.

Till today, Luang Phor Phoon Wat Pailom body still keep in the temple for devotees to worship.

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