Gold Bell Amulet

Gold Bell

Pic : Gold Bell Amulet from temple Wat Brang Phra (Luang Phor Perm).

Everyone think that the amulet is the image of Buddha, Deva or animal and it makes people curious why amulet is the shape of the bell?

Bell in Buddhism represent waking or wisdom. It is also know that Bell represent protection. Before Somdej Toh born the bell in the temple and field sound by itself. Represent the newborn baby has wisdom and will bring enlightenment to those around him. Hence, the temple logo of Wat Rakang is the shape of a bell represent wisdom and enlightenment.

What is the purpose of carry golden bell amulet? It is for protection and clearing of bad luck. There are people who born are not suitable to carry image of Buddha, Gods and even animal due to their eight character. So this amulet is good for them to carry around. No matter where there are they are protect by the bell. The sound of the bell will clear away all bad luck and even outcast evil spirit. How about villains? If you have wisdom you will definitely out smart your enemy. In Buddhism, we do not empathize on fighting. It is to use our wisdom to defend our enemy or overcome any obstacle.

Misconception of sound of the bell is that it will attract evil spirit. This is not true. The sound of the bell represent Deva, hence carry bell amulet invite the protection of Deva.

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