Luang Phor Liew Takrut


Pic : Takrut from Temple Wat Rai Tang Thong ( Luang Phor Liew’s Temple). Master Ajahn Chai Chum.

What is the different between takrut and amulet? What is the purpose? Is it more effective than amulet?

Takrut are metal sheet with sakyant written on it. This has been a practise since Buddha time. The purpose of carry a takrut depend on what sakyant or khom script on the metal. Different sakyant have different effectiveness on the wearer. Does it better than amulet. It really depend on the master who create the takrut and amulet.

Most of the time my advice to my customer on carry a takrut is to make up the less effectiveness on their amulet. For example, those who wear Luang phor Yeam’s Kumantong, Kumantong bring good luck and fortune for wearer. However, they are non-effective to protection especially black magic. Hence, having a good takrut for protection is very important. A lot of people misunderstand that all takrut are for protection and they test the takrut on knife and hurt badly. Not all takrut can prevent penetration of knife. It all depend the wicha on the master is practising. It does not mean that can prevent penetration of knife can prevent black magic. Some of the master practise is avoid of mishap. The takrut will protected you once you are in serious real danger. It will not work by any test. So if one day your friend ask you to test knife on the takrut you better think twice.

The takrut in the picture is for wearer to have good fortune and also prevent of mishap.This takrut has been soaked in holy water to enhance it effectiveness. That why you can see that the takrut had algae in it.

If you carry this takrut on your left side is for side luck, right side for sales luck, behind is for protection and prevent backstabbing and lastly in front for negotiation.

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