Wednesday Buddha

LP Liew Buddha.jpg

Pic : Wednesday Buddha (Phra Um Bhat). Temple : Wat Rai Thang Tong.

Wednesday Buddha Thai people called it Phra Um Baht. It meaning receiving alms.

Most people thinks that seven days Buddha are suitable only when you are born on that day. This is not true. The meaning behind the Buddha posture is more important.

Wednesday Buddha everyone knows that this is Buddha receiving alms. Receiving alms represent loving kindness (Metta). It is only when others have mercy on you then they will be giving you foods. This also building good spiritual relationship around the surroundings. Buddhism empathize on giving and receiving. Apart from building good relationship. We also understand that Buddha’s alms bowl represent protection. During Buddha’s time, Buddha ask one of his disciple (Sivali) to release a group of evil spirit trapped in a city. Buddha’s instructed Sivali to take his alms bowl and scoop water from a river and sprinkler water around the city after recite the Ratana Sutra to release the hate of evil spirit.

In Buddhism alms bowl and robes represent Buddha. In Chinese -(衣钵)

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