Luang Phor Perm

Pic: Luang Phor Perm’s Amulet (Front & Back) from Temple Wat Brang Phra.

Luang Phor Perm Wat Brang Phra is one of the famous guru in Thailand. He is famous for his Sakyant especially his Tiger Yant. Because of this many people mistaken him as an Arahant but in actual fact, Luang Phor Perm has attained Bodhisattva. you might ask what is the difference between Arahant and Bodhisattva?  Practicing Arahant and Bodhisattva will eventually reached Nirvana.  Arahant once reach this stage have already complete their practice.   Whereas Bodhisattva will stay to  spread their teaching in hope to save the people in ending their sufferings. It is the vow that reaches out for people makes one a Bodhisattva. Not by the Sutra reciting or practices. That is why make offering to Luang Phor Perm will able to help you in your everyday life.

People may wonder why Luang Phor Perm’s amulet had him sitting on a tiger.  During his youth, Luang Phor Perm had ever been to Tudong (Meditation in a forest ) . After his retreat he saw a Tiger walking around the cave where he stay. And because of that it became his trademark.

His amulet beside works wonder for protection,  Luang Phor Perm is also famous for his Metta Mahaniyom (well-liked by others). That is why people always carry his amulet for good relationship.

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